Bank of Ireland introduces new online banking features
Rob Flynn
Staff Writer

Bank of Ireland customers will now be able to freeze and unfreeze their cards, activate a new one or order a replacement, quickly and easily online.

Bank of Ireland has unveiled a range of new online banking features.

Designed to make carrying out a range of everyday tasks easier than ever for its customers, the new features are accessible through its online banking channels, including its mobile and tablet app, as well as online through Banking 365. 

The new features include the ability to view your card’s pin and set up your debit or credit card for Google Pay or Apple Pay.

Here’s the full list of what’s been announced.

What features are available?

Here’s a list and explanation of the new online banking features now available to BOI customers.

Activate new card - Customers can activate a new debit or credit card for online transactions through BOI’s mobile app or online banking platform.

Freeze/unfreeze card – In the event of a misplaced card BOI customers can now temporarily freeze their credit or debit card, and should it be found, can then unfreeze it in a matter of seconds. 

View card PIN - This new feature allows customers to view the PIN for their BOI card instantly should you forget it. Just don’t forget your online login too!

Order replacement cards - BOI customers can now order a replacement debit or credit card without having to call the bank.

Mobile wallets - You’ll also be able to set up your credit or debit card for Apple Pay and/or Google Pay.

Discussing the introduction of the new features, Director of Digital Centre of Excellence at Bank of Ireland, Christine Hamill said:

The financial wellbeing of our customers is a top priority for us, meaning we are committed to giving customers more control over their money.  These new capabilities do exactly that, by enabling our customers to manage even more aspects of their day to day finances in a safe and secure way, using our mobile app or desktop, and without having to call us or visit a branch, if they chose to do this. We look forward to bringing more new features to customers over the coming months.

Milestone, but long overdue

The new offering of extensive card control features is a big milestone for Ireland's second biggest bank, if not long overdue.

Bank of Ireland’s online offering has been considered poor until now, with most of the aforementioned features being already available with other providers for some time, Revolut being a good example.

That being said, the introduction of the new freeze/unfreeze feature, along with a new card activation feature will be very much welcomed by existing customers, even if it is a bit behind the likes of the fintechs for now.

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