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It only comes once a year, but when it does Black Friday does not disappoint, with lots of great deals and bargains on offer for consumers online.

With its origins in North America, Black Friday has always signalled the start of the festive shopping period, and since the holiday travelled across the Atlantic to Ireland, things have been no different here.

Black Friday is set to fall on the 27th this November and will be a tad different this year with Level 5 restrictions in place that will push more and more people online to buy their gifts, as opposed to on the high-street, as can be seen from Revolut’s recent consumer spending analysis.

That being said, there are a number of great deals floating about online in advance of Black Friday and Cyber Monday which could help consumers save some serious dosh this Christmas.

In this blog we’ll help to shine a light on some of the best upcoming Black Friday deals, including some of those from Irish online retailers and service providers.

Start your engines, shoppers!

Green Friday

Before we get into all the bargains, it's worth mentioning that this year has been very tough on local businesses, what with physical stores and shops closed for considerable periods of time with nationwide lockdowns, not to mention coming into what is generally the busier Christmas period for most businesses.

That's why we're suggesting people take a look at where they spend their money this Christmas by supporting 'Green Friday' where possible, a shopping campaign developed last year by Irish retail promoters Champion Green.

While it might be more difficult to shop local and Irish for some products and services, such as broadband and mobile for example, going with your local tech shop or grocery store would make the world of difference to local business owners.

Virgin Media

Virgin Media’s Black Friday promotion this year, or ‘Red Friday’ as the promotion is aptly named, runs from November 12th, encompassing Cyber Monday on November 30th.

There are plenty of great deals on offer from the company's Black Friday bundles, but there is one in particular deal that’s hard to look past...

What’s on offer?

Virgin Media is offering a free Black Friday gift in the form of a brand new Philips TAPB400 Bluetooth Sound Bar to any new customer who signs up to any one of its triple play bundles - triple play being broadband, TV, and home phone.

The Sound Bar itself has Google Assistant built in which allows users to interact fully with the content they’re enjoying, such as being able to search the latest news or find your favourite show. Google Assistant can also pair with compatible smart home devices should you have them!

Additionally, the availability of Bluetooth 2.0 connectivity also allows audiophiles to connect to the sound system wirelessly and hassle free.

New customers have a myriad of triple play choices to choose from, with four deals on offer and which all include broadband, TV and a home phone.

The best offer starts at €69 per month for twelve months and includes broadband speeds of up to  250Mbps with over 60 channels, while the top-tier costs €89 for speeds of up to 1Gbps and over 100 TV channels.

For customers looking for a Black Friday mobile plan, you can also look no further than Virgin Media - check out their SIM-only deal here.





Home Phone

Big Bundle



66 channels

Anytime calls to Irish landlines & mobiles

Bigger Bundle



66 channels

Anytime calls to Irish landlines & mobiles

Bigger than Big Bundle



111 channels

Anytime calls to Irish landlines & mobiles

Beast Bundle



111 channels

Anytime calls to Irish landlines & mobiles

Is it a good deal?

First and foremost, the main difference between the four bundles is the speed of broadband you’re receiving. While for most customers 250Mbps is sufficient, others may desire or require 500Mbps or even faster gigabit speeds. And with Virgin’s €89 plan, you can be certain there’s something for everyone.

The first two bundles also differ from the pricier second two when it comes to the channels on offer. For €69 or €75 customers will receive 66 channels, but for €81 or €89 you can have a choice of 111 channels.

We would be remiss not to mention that customers who sign up for one of the above bundles will also receive Virgin Media’s brand new set-top box, Virgin TV 360 - check out the specs here!

Last but not least, as mentioned above, each Black Friday bundle includes a top of the range Philips Sound Bar which has a RRP of approximately €150, which you would be saving on should you sign up to one of the above deals. And at a reasonable price of €828 for the 250Mbps deal, you can’t go too far wrong.

Each deal will of course depend on your requirements as well as budget and location so we would advise, with any of the deals in this blog, to make sure to factor this into your decision making before signing up to any offer.

All deals also come with free installation, previously €50 for new customers.

You can check out each deal in more detail here.


We’re always excited when Black Friday rolls around because it means we get to check out the latest deals for Irish consumers and one provider that never lets us down is Sky.

Out of the multitude of deals its got on offer this year, one specifically caught our eye...

What’s on offer?

Sky is offering new customers Sky TV, broadband, Sports, and Cinema for only €70 per month for 12 months, or only €890 for the full year, including €50 set-up cost.

This Black Friday deal sure doesn’t disappoint with a part-fibre broadband connection of up to 100Mbps included alongside over 70 TV channels.

That’s not to mention unfettered access to both Sky Sports AND Sky Movies. While sports fans can enjoy watching all the live GAA games, over 140 Premier League matches and every F1 race, movie buffs have access to a vault of 1,000+ movies to choose from. And all of this for under €900 for the first year!

While a home phone isn’t the most in-demand modern utility, this deal also includes a landline for all your phone call needs, offering off-peak calls to Irish landlines.

Is it a good deal?

While there are a number of jumping off points to begin with here, we’ll start with price. We have to say, €890 is not bad at all for this deal, considering the top quality content you’re getting access to. Usually customers could expect to pay €1,790 for the first year if they wanted all what was included in this bundle. That's a whopping €900 off!

Being a Sky customer also means having access to top quality-tech with Sky Q being a stand-out feature. The latest set-top box from Sky incorporates a slick interface and user-friendliness, as well as 1TB of storage, the ability to record three shows and watch a fourth live, and more!

It’s also impossible to overlook the Sky GO app which allows customers to stream on the go on a phone, tablet, or any other portable device connected to the internet. The Sky GO app isn’t Chromecast compatible, however, which is a downside.

For those interested in signing up to this deal, one must also consider the broadband speed on offer. While 100Mbps is fast, depending on where you live, it might not be up to speed for some families or those in a flat share who require faster speeds. It is possible to upgrade your package all the same.

Additionally, once your contract expires, this deal reverts to the much higher price of €145 per month so, like anything, it’s important to factor this into your decision making process before putting pen to paper, as they say.

Check out this deal from Sky here.


Interested in signing up to a new deal from Vodafone? Well today is your lucky day as the telecommunications company also has plenty of great Black Friday deals available for new customers. Check out our favourite below!

What's on offer?

New Vodafone Home customers who sign up to any one of its broadband, home phone, or TV plans can get themselves a free Google Nest Audio worth €99.

The Google Nest Audio is the latest smart speaker from Google and is part of its Smart Home device range. The Nest Audio facilitates voice activation and allows home-owners to stream their favourite music and control their smart home using only their voice - the perfect addition to any broadband or TV bundle!

The promotion is available across a range of Vodafone's single, double and even triple play bundles, all available for sign up today.

While Vodafone's Black Friday promotion is a great one, not everyone will be looking for a broadband bundle or the likes. That's why the telecommunications provider also has a number of tempting promotions across its mobile offering and for those looking for an upgrade, including €100 off a selection of its must-have handsets when you switch to Vodafone Pay-As-You-Go.

Some of those great PAYG offers include the Apple iPhone SE 64GB for only €349.99, and the Samsung Galaxy A41 for a mere €159.99.

There's plenty on offer for bill pay customers, too, with up to €200 off selected handsets. For customers looking to upgrade to a discounted 5G compatible phone and plan, Vodafone also has you covered. It's possible to sign up and receive the Google Pixel 4A for free when you switch to Vodafone on its €40 Unlimited Lite bill pay plan.

Is it a good deal?

It's hard to dispute the value on offer with Vodafone's free Nest Audio promotion. A free smart Google speaker when you sign up to any one of its amazing deals on broadband, TV, or home phone.

This deal is perfect for those households looking to upgrade to a newer and faster broadband connection or triple play bundle, while looking to complete their Smart Home device collection at the same time.

Acting as a smart assistant as well as a speaker, the Nest Audio is the perfect addition to round off a brand new home broadband or TV bundle.

At the moment Vodafone is offering superb deals across all products, including Gigabit broadband and a home phone for only €40 per month, including triple play bundles starting at only €45 per month.

The offer in question will of course depend on what your needs are so we would advise taking a look at all available deals on offer first to see what works for you before committing to any contract.

Check out all the deals on offer from Vodafone here.


Our next Black Friday deal comes from none other than telecommunications provider Eir, who is also offering a superb Black Friday deal in the run up to the big day.

What’s on offer?

Eir is offering any new residential customers who sign up to an Eir broadband bundle online a bill credit to the value of €30.

Customers who sign up to a broadband bundle will automatically have €30 credited to their account which will show on the 2nd or 3rd bill once the 14 day cooling off period has elapsed and also once your order has been connected by the offer end date of 7th December 2020.

That means if new customers were to sign up to one of Eir's other Black Friday broadband bundles, say its fibre-powered 150Mbps broadband plan for only €29.99 per month, which includes a landline, the first year cost would only come to €329.88.

This broadband bundle in particular is supplied through Open Eir, Eir’s fibre-powered broadband network, and reaches speeds of up to 150Mbps - perfect for those requiring slightly faster speeds with a reliable connection.

But that’s not all with this particular deal. As well as unlimited off-peak national calls to landlines, this broadband bundle also includes the Eir Sport pack which is free for all Eir residential broadband customers, not to mention an Amazon Prime video subscription for a year.

For customers on the hunt for a mobile phone deal this bargain season, Eir also has a number of great promotions across mobile including a free 64GB iPhone 11 when you switch to Eir mobile, as well as €30 off a range of select Prepay smartphones.

Is it a good deal?

For a fibre broadband connection that includes a landline and only costs €29.99 per month for the full year, there's not much better value to be had out there. And throw in a €30 bill credit for a first year cost of only €329.88, including the Eir Sport pack and a year’s free Amazon Prime Video? Well played, Eir!

An Amazon Prime Video subscription alone will cost you €5.99 per month or €71.88 for the year, so all things considered price-wise, it’s very, very tempting if you're looking for a slightly faster broadband connection.

One thing customers should be aware of before signing up to Eir is its rather poor track record when it comes to customer service, highlighted in the most recent quarterly report from ComReg.

That being said, the broadband in the deal outlined above is supplied through Eir’s own Open Eir fibre broadband network which is top quality. There’s also no set up or equipment cost which is another boon.

Remember though, the Black Friday €30 bill credit only applies to new customers who sign up to a broadband bundle.

You can find more broadband bundles from Eir right here.

D.I.D Electrical

It’s an unusual time in that many Irish businesses have been severely impacted by the Level 5 restrictions in place since the end of October. That’s why we’d encourage our customers to support Irish businesses where possible in the run up to Black/Green Friday.

D.I.D is one of many Irish businesses offering some great deals on tech and other related products. Take a look below to see what you can pick up.

What’s on offer?

While D.I.D offers a whole range of equipment from technology to home appliances, what caught our eye was its complete range of smart home devices, available for home delivery or to pick up in one of its 23 branches nationwide.

Available is everything from top of the range WiFi extenders starting at €24.99, to a full range of smart home devices, including branded and more inexpensive smart speakers and doorbells, to name a few.

So if you’re looking to kit out your home with the latest smart home equipment this Christmas, and support Green Friday at the same time, then look no further!

D.I.D has plenty of more Black Friday offers across TVs, laptops, appliances, and tablets too, so make sure to check out their website for all the latest.

What are you waiting for?

If you’re thinking of signing up to one of these deals then you better move fast as they won’t be around for long. 

If you want to find more great deals across broadband, home energy, as well as insurance you can easily check out the best deals available across all providers using one of our easy-to-use price comparison tools.

And if you have any thoughts on the latest Black Friday promotions you can let us know in the comments below - we’d love to hear from you!

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