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Report Confirms Switching is Easy and Will Save You Money
David Kerr


A new report released this morning confirms that switching supplier is an easy thing to do and will save you money on your household bills.

The report released today by the National Consumer Agency (NCA) confirms that 76% find switching easy or very easy and over 80% of people have confirmed they did in fact save money following their switch.

The report is wide ranging and shows that if you switch you'll be better off but confirms that despite this, the majority of people at 83% have not switched their electricity or gas provider in the last 12 months. It is important to check prices for energy bills at least once a year because discounts expire putting customers on to their energy supplier's most expensive standard rates. The report confirms that switching electricity provider is easy with over 92% claiming their switch was hassle free - the highest level in the report. Switching is easy and free with and consumers can switch to all suppliers.

The report goes on to show that 25% of people switch providers for their car insurance, 

Numbers Switching Provider
Household bill Percentage Switchers
Car Insurance 25%
Electricity Provider  13%
Natural Gas Supplier 13%
Gym Membership 15%
Main Grocery Shop 14%
Home Insurance Provider 13%
Broadband / Internet Provider 13%
Mobile Phone Provider 9%


With over 5.6M mobile phone subscriptions in the state (122% of the population) and Smart Phones representing over 57% of them, the latest figures from the Commission for Communications Regulation (ComReg) confirm that data volumes continue to rise, increasing by 48.1% over the last twelve months while SMS text messages have reduced by 25% over the same period.


What's Stopping Us From Switching? 

It can be daunting to think about switching from your electricity provider if you haven't already done it and even if you have, you might think that you don't need to switch again. The reality is that switching energy company is very easy as over 90% of those asked confirmed in the NCA's report and you must check every year so you don't end up paying standard rates when you don't need to. 

The 3 easy steps for switching electricity or gas supplier are:

  1. Visit gas and electricity comparison service (have your bills handy if you can)
  2. When you have your results, click "Proceed" beside the tariff you want to switch to 
  3. Complete the short form, including your electricity MPRN and your gas GPRN (from your bill)

If you need any help during the switch, our customer support team is available by webchat,  telephone on 1800 930 255 and by email. We will answer any questions you have about switching can help you complete the switch too.

To switch to a faster broadband provider it is just as simple and the savings are biggest if you bundle TV with Broadband and Home Phone. Even if you don't use your home phone much, your provider will give you off-peak calls to landlines for free in many cases.

The 3 easy steps for switching your TV, Broadband and Home Phone supplier are:

  1. Visit TV, Broadband and Home Phone comparison service (have your bills handy if you can)
  2. When you have your results, click "Proceed" beside the bundle you want to switch to 
  3. Complete the short form, including your Universal Account Number (UAN) from your telephone bill 


With the winter bills just around the corner, and back-to-school costs about to hit us where it hurts, it's a good idea to check your prices - and if you've never switched, there has never been a better time to claim your savings and keep more of your hard earned money in your own pocket. is accredited by the Commission for Energy Regulation as an impartial comparison service for gas and electricity price comparison.