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Join the tens of thousands of happy customers who trust us every month with saving them money on their household bills.

Our mission since we started back in 2010 has always been to help consumers in Ireland take advantage of the best prices and services on offer from suppliers in Ireland.

And even though hundreds of thousands of happy customers have switched and saved with us over the years, we want you to know why you can always trust and why we should be your first port-of-call when you're looking to save on your bills.     

CRU accredited is one of only three websites trusted and accredited for energy comparisons by the Commission for Regulation of Utilities (CRU), Ireland's independent energy regulator - and we have been for seven years in a row.

The CRU only accredits a price comparison website if it meets certain high standards around independence, impartiality and accuracy. was the very first website in Ireland to receive this accreditation back in 2013 and we have retained it every year since!

Our recognition as an independent, impartial and trusted source for all your energy comparison needs is a cornerstone of our business and is something that is very important to us. It also means you can trust the results you see. That's because being accredited by the CRU means that the prices and tariff information we display is verified to the highest industry standards, whereas comparison websites without an accreditation could potentially be giving you wrong or outdated information. That's why the CRU advises that you only use an accredited site for energy switching.

Earning and keeping our accreditation from the CRU takes a lot of time, work, and dedication. That’s why the energy regulator says you should ONLY use an accredited comparison service when switching your energy bills. So use the name that 97% of consumers know and trust -

The best prices 

Not only do we list all of the tariffs available from each supplier, because of our lasting relationship with suppliers customers who use will sometimes have access to exclusive tariffs and plans only available on, and nowhere else.

We invest in technology

When comparing energy deals and the wide range of other products on you can guarantee that the prices we quote are always accurate, transparent, and up-to-date. That’s because we’re not just a comparison website, we’re a fintech company. We are required to conduct complex calculations for our comparisons daily so our technology platform is something we continue to invest heavily in.

Additionally, where some websites choose to outsource their data and engineering, our team of in-house engineers is constantly at-hand to make sure our platform is always accessible no matter where you are or what device you're using.

That means if you're a homeowner looking to switch your mortgage or get a cheaper energy deal, or a parent or guardian looking to compare serious illness cover, you can trust us to always have the correct quote at hand.

Furthermore, the Estimated Annual Bill (EAB) figure you see for each energy deal on our website is calculated using official annual consumption figures provided by the CRU. While anyone can use this information to make calculations for you, our figures are tried, tested, and more importantly trusted as we are accountable to the CRU for our energy comparisons, whereas other unaccredited energy comparison services are not.

One-stop comparison shop

At you can compare a wide range of products across energy, telecommunications, banking and insurance providers all in the one place, helping you save money on all your household bills.

So whether you’re looking to switch to a cheaper energy supplier, a faster broadband provider, a lower mortgage rate, or want better insurance cover, we can help. 

Our comprehensive product comparison tools have simplified the switching process for consumers, meaning all you have to do is fill in some basic details under the relevant product you're looking to compare and you'll have detailed results in seconds.

And as a fintech our aim is to make the sign-up process to any new provider as easy and seamless as possible for you too. Almost everything can be done online and any orders you place with us can be stored in your free online account which you can access for future reference at any stage.

However we realise that not everyone has embraced the online world as quickly as others so we also have a small Dublin-based customer service team for those who need a helping hand and a voice to speak to while signing up. 

Strictest controls in place

When it comes to the information that appears on our website we have the strictest controls and standards in place for all products.

For our energy comparisons in particular we are routinely audited by the energy regulator with on-going reviews in place to ensure our information remains clear, independent, and accurate. And for our life insurance products we are regulated by the Central Bank of Ireland.  

10 years in business

Since opening our doors to customers 10 years ago, has remained true to our ethos of being an impartial and accurate supplier of price comparisons.

And in the past decade we have been in business we have helped hundreds of thousands of happy customers to switch and save on their bills. 

We've grown a huge amount over those 10 years too - in 2019 we launched our own in-house life insurance broker service and we've plans to allow customers to compare and switch across even more products in the near future - so watch this space!  

Guaranteed Irish is a recipient of the distinctive 'Guaranteed Irish' hallmark and we have been for over eight years!

We’re proud to have been awarded this symbol, which is given to companies which create quality jobs, contribute to local communities and are committed to being in Ireland.

We hope that you use because you trust our service, and we hope we can repay that trust by saving you money on your household bills. We also hope that by supporting Irish companies and services, it'll make us all a little bit better off too.

Switch and save today!

By switching energy supplier with you could save over €400 on your gas and electricity bills - all in a matter of minutes using our energy comparison tool online.

You can also browse a range of different products on our website from broadband to banking to insurance! Check out the latest here.

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