Save up to €165 on your electricity costs with SSE Airtricity's new offers
Robyn Hamilton
Staff Writer

It’s Blue Monday - that is, the third Monday in January, which is purportedly the most depressing day of the year. Looking for a quick and easy way to chase away those blues? How does saving saving up to €165 in a few clicks sound?

Energy supplier SSE Airtricity has today launched two new price plans for electricity customers, so if it’s been more than 12 months since you last switched suppliers - these are definitely worth a look!

Save €133 with SSE Airtricity’s 1 Year Electricity (Direct Debit & eBill) 23% Discount

Customers on typical standard electricity rates could make an average saving of €133 in their first year by switching suppliers and signing up to SSE Airtricity’s new 23% discounted rate.

The deal offers new customers 23% discounted off of SSE Airtricity’s standard rates for the duration of a year long contract, provided they also sign up for direct debit and e-billing (if you want your bill posted to you or to pay by another method you’ll have to pay slightly higher rates).  

Save €165 with SSE Airtricity’s new €135 cashback offer

Like the sound of cold hard cash? Customers on typical standard rates who switch electricity suppliers and sign up to  SSE Aitricity’s 1 Year Electricity (Direct Debit & eBill) 10% Discount will make an average saving of €30 but will also receive €135 credit off of their bill.

Looking at the two plans, a 23% discount sounds much better than a 10% discount but when you take the cashback offer into account, things change.

If you’re wondering which offer is ultimately better value, the answer comes down to your personal electricity consumption rates. To find out more, check out our blog Switching energy - when are cashback offers good value?

Ready to save even more on your energy bills?

If you’re looking to double your savings; switch both your electricity and gas to the cheapest suppliers on the market you could make an average saving of €370 in your first year!

To compare all deals and suppliers, check out our energy comparison page now. Switching is super easy and only takes a few minutes to complete.