SSE Airtricity announce a range of new dual fuel discounts & cashback offers
Robyn Hamilton
Staff Writer

SSE Airtricity today launched a range of discounts for new customers across its dual fuel energy plans as well as a very appealing €200 cashback offer on its even-allocation dual fuel plan. Let’s take a look at the details…

SSE Airtricity 1 Year Dual Fuel (direct debit and ebilling): 25% off electricity, 20% off gas

Customers who switch energy to SSE Airtricity will get a 25% electricity discount and a 20% gas discount, so long as they sign up for direct debit and paperless billing.

Once standing charges, levies and charges are all added in, a household with the average annual consumption will spend about €1,413.18 on energy in year one. And that’s a saving of €289.13 against the standard rates that most of us are currently paying.

SSE Airtricity 1 Year Dual Fuel (direct debit and postal billing): 21% off electricity, 16% off gas

New direct debit SSE Airtricity customers who prefer postal billing can sign up for a dual fuel bundle with discounts of 21% off electricity and 16% off gas.

Based on average energy consumption rates, on these rates you could expect to pay €1,466.70 on energy in year one (including levies and charges). That’s a saving of €235.61 against the most popular standard rates.

SSE Airtricity 1 Year Dual Fuel (non direct debit and ebilling): 15% off electricity, 10% off gas

Not a fan of direct debit? No problem. New customers who sign up for non-direct debit payment and ebilling can get discounts of 15% off electricity and 10% off gas.

In year one, based on average consumption rates (including levies and charges) you can expect to pay €1,547.47, making a saving of €154.84 as compared to standard rates.

SSE Airtricity 1 Year Dual Fuel (non-direct debit and postal billing): 11% off electricity, 6% off gas

Prefer non-direct debit and postal billing? That’s also ok. New customers can sign up for SSE’s dual fuel plan with a discount of 11% off electricity and 6% off gas.

You’ll pay €1,601.47 in your first year (based on average consumption rates, including levies and charges) which will amount to a saving of €100.84 as compared to standard rates.  

None of these options suit you? How about…

SSE Airtricity 1 Year Dual Fuel (direct debit and ebilling) 10% Even Allocation: 10% off electricity, 10% off gas and €200 cashback

On this plan, you’ll get 10% off both electricity and gas as well as €200 credit off of your bill as long as you sign up with a direct debit and ebilling.  

Including stand charges and levies, a household with the average annual consumption will spend about €1,585.13 on energy in year one on this plan. That’s a saving of €317.18 (once you take the €200 credit into account) against standard rates. Not too shabby.

Below you’ll find a handy chart that breaks all of the new discounts down:  

Plan: SSE Airtricity 1 Year Dual Fuel

Electricity discount

Gas discount

Electricity unit rate (per kWh)

Gas unit rate (per kWh)

Total cost in year 1 (based on avg. consumption)

Total saving in year 1 (as compared to standard rates)

Direct Debit + Ebilling



13.32 cent

4.358 cent



Direct Debit + Postal Billing



14.03 cent

4.576 cent



Non Direct Debit + Ebilling



15.10 cent

4.903 cent



Non Direct Debit + Postal Billing



15.81 cent

5.121 cent



Direct Debit + Ebilling (Even Allocation with €200 cashback)



15.99 cent

4.903 cent


€317.18 (including €200 credit off bill)

Which offer is the best value?

Which offer represents the best value, as always, comes down to your own personal preferences and requirements. That being said, the first thing that’s immediately obvious from the above chart is that SSE Airtricity will reward you handsomely for choosing to pay via direct debit with paperless billing.

Just by opting for both of those options over neither (i.e. direct debit & ebilling over non-direct debit & postal billing) you’d be making a saving of €188.29 in your first year. That’s some incentive.

What about the €200 cashback offer?

You might be wondering why the €200 cashback dual fuel option wasn’t included in the above calculation. If the chart is to be taken at face value, the cashback offer is the winner when it comes to saving money by €28.05.

Well, this is because the value that you get from cashback offers varies wildly depending on your household’s usage patterns. Trying to determine whether or not cashback offers are good value can be difficult at the best of times (which is why we wrote a detailed article on the topic).

As a general rule, if you are living in a low energy usage household, cashback offers might be the better option for you, but if you’re living in a very heavy energy usage household you might be better off going for the current cheapest discounted rate on the market for better value in the longer term.     

Before you decide to switch…

… always make sure to compare. The lure of new offers is always appealing but before you sign up with any supplier you should make sure to do a full comparison of all of the suppliers to ensure that you select the best plan to suit your lifestyle and usage patterns.