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Managing business expenses, like household bills, can be tough - especially when it seems like costs are always going up. The good news is that we can now help you save on your business's energy bills too!

At we spend our time working hard to bring you all of the news from the world of personal finance and consumer affairs. And a huge amount of time also goes into making sure that consumers have the best advice and tools at their disposal when it comes to making decisions on their household bills.

The good news is that we're spreading the love!

Now if you're looking to power your business for less you can do that with the help of as we launch our new energy comparison service for businesses.

New energy comparison service for businesses

We provide a service that, in may ways, is similar to a brokerage.

When you apply through, in partnership with our business energy consultants, we'll work with you to understand your business needs and then search the market to find the best price and service across all suppliers for your business's energy requirements. 

Only around 8% of businesses use an energy broker, and this is something we want to change as currently businesses don't get the most out of their energy deals.

Also, the energy sector is laden with jargon and technical information, and for the uninitiated it's very easy to make a costly mistake. So we want to act as a guide for those businesses, small and large, that need help traversing the complicated terrain!

What are the benefits for your business?

The benefit of having a team of industry experts to guide you through your business's energy requirements is huge.

When you use our energy consultants will:

  • Analyse your current energy contract for your gas and/or electricity and review the pricing, contract type, and terms of your contract
  • Look at the length of your contract and its suitability for your business and make recommendations accordingly
  • Review supplier charges and deals across the market
  • Prepare a tender for your business and engage with the energy suppliers to price it
  • Prepare a presentation for your business that has the recommendations for the new contract, price, and term 
  • Finally, we'll help with energy efficiency by recommending ways to monitor, reduce, and control your business's energy costs

      The pricing structure

      You won't pay a thing until you sign your new energy contract.

      Then there is a choice of how you want to pay. You can either choose to pay a commission linked to the unit rate or you can choose a fixed fee. The latter might be the best choice for very large businesses.

      What do I need to get started?

      Head over to today and fill out our short callback form. One of our business energy consultants will then contact you at a time that's convenient.   

      All you'll need to get started is a recent bill and letter of authority (LoA). The LoA will allow your energy supplier to provide details about your energy plan and consumption. And that's it really! 

      Get in touch?

      So what do you think? Do you have a business? Does this sound like a good development for? Get in touch and let us know what you think. You can drop us a comment below or get in touch via Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram.