Flogas launches new market-leading gas offer
Mark Whelan
Staff Writer

Flogas has bucked the trend of rising energy prices by launching a new gas offer, which will allow average customers to save €183.

Finally! Some good news for energy customers.

After weeks of price increases, power cuts and falling temperatures, Flogas has stepped in to provide some relief to customers by announcing a new market-leading gas offer.

Switch and save €183

From today, Flogas is offering a 25% discount off its standard gas rate to new customers who sign up to the supplier.

The discount takes the supplier’s unit rate down to 3.67 cent (ex VAT), which will leave customers with average consumption with a bill of around €596 over the course of a year.

This is €183 cheaper than benchmark standard rates and makes Flogas’ new offer the cheapest currently available to new customers with average consumption.

You can sign up to Flogas’ new 25% discount deal right here, right now.

It’s important to note that Flogas’ deal is only available to customers who sign up online and opt to pay by direct debit.

Bucking the trend

It has been a bad few weeks for Ireland’s energy customers.

Both SSE Airtricity and Bord Gáis Energy recently announced price hikes, which are due to kick in on November 1st. Electric Ireland also announced its intention to increase prices, but won’t do so until February 2018.

On top of that, the PSO Levy just went up by nearly €25 at a time when we’re facing colder weather and darker evenings.

Flogas’ new 25% discount offer is a welcome piece of good news for customers who have been feeling disillusioned with the recent spate of price hikes.

Competition working for consumers

Flogas new market-leading offer is an example of competition working to consumers’ benefit.

In September, Just Energy became the tenth energy supplier in the Irish market with its launch of a range of competitive and innovative gas and electricity offers.

Flogas’ announcement today shows the supplier’s willingness to compete with newer players on price for new customers.