Energy round-up: 6 of the best dual fuel deals on the market right now
Rob Flynn
Staff Writer

The average customer can save close to €380 a year when they switch energy suppliers.

As wholesale energy prices continue to fall it's only a matter of time before even more energy suppliers get on board and start lowering their prices.

At we're all about ensuring consumers are on the best tariffs suited to their needs, so in the spirit of great prices we've decided to put together a list of some of the best dual fuel energy plans currently available.

Flogas Natural Gas - Dual Fuel Cashback

The leading natural Irish gas supplier is offering dual fuel switchers, as well as existing customers, a 28% discount off its standard electricity rate. 

The energy provider is also offering a 20% discount on its standard gas rate - including €225 in cashback for those customers.

This brings the combined savings figure for the average dual fuel customer to €323.70 for the year.

As with most plans an early exit fee applies if you choose to leave before the contract ends and with Flogas it comes in at €50 per fuel.

Have a look at this cashback tariff here.

Panda Power - Dual Fuel Discount Bundle

Panda power is offering new customers a 28% discount off both its standard gas and electricity unit rates.

The dual fuel discount also includes €125 cashback when you sign up on the 12 month contract, culminating in a combined yearly savings value of €377.61.

If this offer wasn’t tempting enough for switchers, Panda Power is 100% green and generates its electricity from 100% renewable resources.

Find out more here.

Iberdrola - Dual Fuel 18

The newest entrant into the Irish market, Iberdrola has an enticing deal for new customers who sign up to its Dual Fuel 18 plan, offering an 18% discount off both its gas and electricity rates.

The deal from the Spanish company includes a cashback offer of €85 which will see the average dual fuel customer save €352.80 over the course of the 12 month contract.

What’s more is that Iberdola’s energy is sourced from 100% renewable resources, too, so a win-win for climate-conscious consumers!

Check out the plan here and see what you could save.

SSE Airtricity - Smart Home Bundle

Renewable energy provider SSE Airtricity is offering an interesting deal for customers who are on the look-out for the latest in smart home technology.

With it's Smart Home Bundle offer, the supplier is offering a 10% discount across both its standard electricity and gas rates, along with the newest generation smart home devices, and absolutely free!

The devices include the newest generation Amazon Echo, Echo Show 5, as well as the Climote - check out the details here.

SSE Airtricity most recently picked up the best customer service award at this years National Consumer Awards.

If you’re looking to pick up the latest in smart home technology and save on your energy bills while you're at it, then why not consider this deal?

Check out the full details here.

Electric Ireland - Dual ValueReward

The leading energy provider in Ireland is offering new and existing customers an 8.5% discount on its gas and electricity rates.

With this deal customers can enjoy €200 cashback on their first bill which will see them saving €312.52 in the first year.

Electric Ireland recently announced a price decrease (along with others) on its gas and electricity on the back of falling wholesale prices - read more on that here.

The dual fuel offer comes with a 12 month contract, which is pretty much standard these days.

You can read the full tariff details here.

Bord Gáis - Dual Fuel 1 Year

Bord Gáis is offering its residential energy customers 25% off its standard electricity unit rate, as well as 24% off its standard gas rate.

The plan is subject to a 12 month contract with the discount changing to 7% thereafter. Direct debit payment and paperless bills must continue in order to avail of the discounts.

Customers who sign up to the deal will save an average of €322.94 over one year.

Those availing of the tariff can also enjoy the Bord Gáis Energy Rewards Club - a special online club for customers of Bord Gáis Energy which gives customers access to rewards such as, Pre-Sale Tickets, Discount Tickets, Flash Sale Tickets and Last Chance Tickets for Bord Gais Energy Theatre.

Check out the tariff here.

Price reductions

In related energy news, Electric Ireland was not the only energy provider to announce a price reduction across electricity and gas.

PrePayPower, the Pay As You Go provider followed suit at the beginning of March and announced a similar reduction of 2.5% off its electricity and 11.5% off its gas prices.

Bord Gáis also joined in announcing a 4.5% and 6.5% reduction on its electricity and gas prices respectively.

The latest price reductions have sparked a price war among energy suppliers on the back of falling wholesale energy prices.

Although only a handful of providers have come out with price decreases, more are expected to respond with price reductions in the coming days.


Don’t forget, the best way to make sure you're getting value for money when signing up to a new tariff is by comparing all available deals and offers.

You can use the energy price comparison to compare and contrast the best deals form all energy providers, and it’s only a couple of clicks away!

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