Bord Gáis Energy joins the price party with second price drop in under six months
Rob Flynn
Staff Writer

Bord Gáis Energy has joined the price party and is now the third supplier to announce big discounts for customers in the space of just one week.

Consumers can rejoice as there is finally some value being pumped back into the consumer's pockets with yet another big name turning up the heat by announcing significant price reductions.

This time it’s Bord Gáis Energy (BGE) who has joined the price party, today announcing a price decrease for its residential energy customers, the second in under six months from the company.

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The reductions

Bord Gáis Energy has announced a 6.5% reduction in the price of its gas as well as a 4.5% reduction in its electricity for residential customers.

The welcome news will see the average dual fuel customer save €82.70* per year on their energy bills.

At the same time, single fuel customers with BGE can expect to save €43.01 a year on their gas bills and €36.69 on their annual electricity bill on the back of today's announcement.

The price changes come into effect from May 1st and are available to customers across the board.

*These figures are based on a typical customer using 4,200 kWh per annum of electricity and 11,000 kWh per annum of gas. Typical usage is as defined by the Commission for Regulation of Utilities (CRU).

Passing on savings

Retail Director of BGE, Colin Bebbington said of the reduction:

“As the helpful energy company we continually commit to customers that we will pass on savings where we can. This new price drop is in addition to the reduction we gave customers last October when we were the only supplier to reduce prices ahead of the winter period. T

"We are also excited to share the news today of our helpful new price plans that recognise those who have stayed with Bord Gáis Energy over the years. These plans will give loyal customers even more price reductions, in addition to those announced today, and we will have details about these coming soon.”

Falling prices

BGE is now the third supplier to announce a reduction in its gas and electricity prices in the space of just one week, on the back of continuously falling wholesale energy prices.

The reduction from the energy supplier is also its second price drop for gas in under six months and should be welcomed with open arms from customers and consumers alike.

The latest price reduction will see dual fuel customers save a combined €97.53 a year if we include the price reduction on gas announced by BGE in October of last year.

While the price of gas from BGE went down last year, it did increase electricity by 2.5%. Thankfully customers have seen it drop once more with today’s news.

Finding the best deal

While today’s announcement is good news, customers are always being reminded of other ways to reduce their energy bills and put money back in their pocket.

There are lots of little things we can do around the home to use less energy and save, such as installing energy efficient LED lightbulbs, not overfilling the kettle when we boil it, and choosing a 30° wash where possible. They might seem like small things but they can really add up to big savings over the course of a year. 

Also, energy customers should bear in mind that far bigger discounts and savings are available to those who compare what other deals are available and switch suppliers.

Someone who switches energy supplier today could get discounts of up to 30% on their gas and electricity, saving the average customer over €380 a year. It’s super quick and easy to switch and can all be done online in the space of a few minutes. And luckily for consumers has made that journey so much easier - use our handy energy price comparison service today and see what you could save!

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