Energia makes energy deals even “Cheep-Purr”
Simon Moynihan
Staff Writer

Fancy something a little “Cheep-Purr”? Well, Energia have just launched their cheapest energy deals yet, so it looks like we may see plenty more of Cheep and Purr!

Energia’s bright budgie and clever cat are supporting their latest “Cheep” discount deals which the company is officially launching today with a new 19% off electricity offer, a new dual fuel deal and a new advertising campaign.


The Energia offer comes in €1,043 per year for an average household which is €8 cheaper than the next best deal from Panda Power.

In fact, it’s only been four days since Panda Power launched as Ireland’s newest electricity supplier, with the cheapest electricity only unit rate (more on that here), so it sure didn’t take long for Energia to respond. Panda Power’s launch unit rate was 13.63 cent per kWh. Energia have just topped that with a unit rate of 13.49 cent today.

Price Cuts

Energia also cut prices last week for all their customers (more on that here), so the combination of price cuts and new discounts puts them in an extremely competitive position for householders looking to cut their electricity or dual fuel bills.

Energia’s new 19% electricity discount is €168 cheaper than the standard legacy rates which most Irish customers are on. Their new dual fuel deal, which was introduced last week, is €320 per year cheaper than standard rates.

Energia has long been active in the business energy market, and launched as a domestic energy supplier in January 2014. Since then the company has signed up 70,000 domestic customers with a promise to always be competitive on price.

Energia is a significant electricity generator too, and has a conventional power plant in Huntstown Dublin capable of generating 20% of Ireland’s electricity. Energia also provides 25% of Ireland’s wind power.


Energia’s Marketing Manager, Geoff Codd said that ““Energia’s unbeatable home energy offers have proven hugely popular where we now have over 70,000 customers availing of our ‘cheep-purr’ prices.  We’re going to be constantly competitive in the Irish energy market where we have already been instrumental in creating change and driving down electricity and gas prices for our consumers.”

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