Energia announces new market-leading dual fuel discounts
Mark Whelan
Staff Writer

Energia has announced a number of new market-leading dual fuel discounts, which will allow customers with average consumption to save €342 by switching.

There’s some good news for Irish energy customers this morning with the word that Energia is offering a brand new market-leading dual fuel discount to new customers.

With the weather unseasonably bad (even for Ireland!), this will be particularly welcome news for households who are having to crank their home heating and electricity more than they might have expected during the summer months.

Switch and save €342

Energia is offering 27% off electricity and 26% off gas to new customers who switch both fuels to the supplier. You can sign up to the new deal on bonkers.ie now.

Households on standard rates with average consumption will save €342 by switching to the new deal, and those with above-average consumption will save even more.

To avail of the market-leading rates, you have to sign up to pay by direct debit and paperless billing.

The new discounts take the supplier’s unit rate for electricity down to 12.15 cent (ex VAT) per kWh and its unit rate for gas down to 3.83 cent (ex VAT) per kWh.

Energia’s electricity-only deals

Energia’s new dual fuel discounts strengthen its position as the cheapest dual fuel option for new customers with average consumption.

The supplier is also offering a 33% discount to new electricity-only customers who switch.

This discount will save households with average consumption that are on standard rates €226 in year one.

Summer is a smart time to switch

This morning’s announcement from Energia is good news for householders who are sweating over their energy bills this summer.

The wet weather means many of us are staying indoors using electricity and keeping our heating on more than we usually would in late May. And that can mean big summer bills, eating into our holiday budgets.

By taking a few minutes to switch suppliers on bonkers.ie, you could save a significant sum of money and get the peace of mind of knowing that you are on the cheapest rates available.

Many households wait until the colder winter months to switch suppliers, usually after they have been hit with a shock bill.

But by pre-emptively switching in summer, you can avoid those shock bills altogether by getting on the cheapest rates before those bills really start to sky-rocket.

You can compare all suppliers and switch on our Compare Gas & Electricity Price Plans page now.