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3 electricity deals to help lower your energy bills

3 electricity deals to help lower your energy bills
Rob Flynn

Rob Flynn

Staff Writer

Higher energy bills have seen more and more people switch suppliers over the last number of weeks, with room for savings across the board. But if you're one of those who have yet to switch, then check out these three electricity deals that will help with lowering your energy costs.

The Covid-19 pandemic has forced the vast majority of Irish society to work from home, and as a direct result has seen many people’s household bills increase, and unfortunately, electricity bills have not escaped that trend.

As consumers begin to dissect their latest electricity bill, searching for reasons as to why it might be so high, it could more than likely be because you haven’t switched in some time.

To help allay the bill shock brought on by Covid-19 take a look at three of these money-saving electricity tariffs that are sure to make you less fearful when your bill comes through the door!

*All calculations are based on the average consumption figures provided by the CRU.

1. Glowpower - Summer Glow Simple

Our first electricity deal is from Glowpower.

This name might not sound familiar to Irish customers, however, as Glowpower is a relatively new entrant to the Irish market, launching here in late 2019, and going from strength to strength ever since.

Its founders Orson Gilmore and Brett Harman have a combined experience of over 30 years in the energy industry.

Glowpower is now offering electricity to residential energy customers in Ireland with a range of competitive tariffs on offer which you can browse right here.

One deal the supplier is tempting new customers with is its Summer Glow Simple deal which is a bit different to regular discounted deals which customers might be used to.

With this deal there is no percentage discount off the standard unit rate, instead, Glowpower has created a unique low unit rate specific to this tariff.

This means that a customer using the average amount of electricity and paying a unit rate of approximately 20c (inc VAT) could see themselves save over €445 if they switch to this deal from Glowpower.

With its competitive standard unit rate at 14.71 cent, customers could enjoy an Estimated Annual Bill of approximately €751.77. This deal also has one of the lowest annual standing charges on the market too.

Summer Glow Simple

Summer Glow Simple

  • Only available on
  • Paperless Billing
  • Online account access
  • 1 year contract
  • Direct Debit

Electricity Charges

14.71 cent per kWh

€95.28 standing charge

This tariff comes on a 12-month contract, which is pretty much standard nowadays, while a €50 exit fee applies if you choose to leave before your contract ends. 

To apply for Summer Glow Simple just click here.

2. Energia - Cheapest Electricity 41%

Next up is Energia, which is offering a heavily-discounted green electricity deal to new customers with 41% off its standard electricity unit rate.

If you sign up to this green tariff you'll also receive cashback to the tune of €25. Ok, it's not that much, but you can't deny the incredible discount! The cashback comes in the form of a welcome credit and is taken from your first bill.

The average customer who signs up to this plan from Energia could save themselves approximately €449 on their electricity bill for the first year.

The plan comes on a 12-month contract with an early exit fee of €50 applying if you switch while still in contract.

And while this post in particular is all about highlighting electricity-only deals, it would be remiss of us to go any further without mentioning that Energia is also offering an extremely good deal on its Dual Fuel bundle, with a 40% discount off its standard unit electricity rate and 39% off its standard unit gas rate - you can check out that offer here.

If you’d like to sign up to the Green Electricity deal above, just click here.

3. BE Energy - Budget Bonus 28%

Last but by no means least is energy provider BE Energy, who has yet another great deal for those customers looking to switch electricity providers.

BE Energy is one of the North’s leading electricity suppliers and has circa 5,000 customers in the Republic.

BE Energy was recently acquired by energy supplier Flogas who will take over the running of BE's operation on the island of Ireland - you can find out the full details right here.

Back to the deal-at-hand! The more eagle-eyed readers will have spotted that this deal is offering new customers a massive 28% discount off BE Energy's standard unit electricity rate - feeling like switching yet?

Based on average energy consumption figures, the average energy customer could come out with savings of €438.30 in the first year by switching to this deal today.

Those who are thinking of signing up will be happy to know that, despite the energy from this deal being sourced predominantly from coal, gas, and peat, almost 25% of the electricity provided to your home is generated from renewable or green energy sources.

Again, like the other deals, this tariff is subject to a 12-month contract, however, where other deals charge an early exit fee of €50, BE Energy charges €100 if you leave while still in contract.

To find out more, just click here.

Always compare

We've decided to take a look at just three electricity deals but remember to compare the whole market before making a decision.

If your household consumes more kWhs than average, you’re usually going to want the lowest unit rate possible. If you use a lower than average amount of electricity then a tariff with a high cashback offer but a higher unit rate might actually work out a bit cheaper for you. 

The good news is that you can compare all deals, tariffs and cashback offers across all suppliers in just minutes on to find the best deal for your particular circumstances.

Just use our free price comparison tool and see what you could save today.

Let’s hear from you

Have you experienced a higher electricity bill than normal due to working from home? Let us know in the comments below.

If you have any questions to do with switching you can also get in touch with us over on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.


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