3 dual fuel deals to help lower your energy bills
Rob Flynn
Staff Writer

Look no further for some of the best dual fuel deals that will help to save you money and lower your energy bills this summer.

As people continue to work from home and as energy costs continue to rise chances are that many households are paying more for their energy than they need to.

However, that doesn't have to be the case, especially if you haven't switched your energy bills in some time.

At bonkers.ie we strive to make the switching process as easy as possible for consumers, in particular for those who are with the same supplier for both gas and electricity.

By switching to one of these three dual fuel deals, available for sign up now on bonkers.ie, there's no better way to save on your energy bills going into the warmer months of the year.

1. Electric Ireland - Exclusive - Dual ValueSaver

The first of our dual fuel deals comes from leading energy provider Electric Ireland.

The energy supplier is offering new customers an 8.5% discount off its standard unit rate for both gas and electricity - but that’s not all!

Customers will also receive €265 cashback when they sign up to this deal, meaning the average energy user could save a little over €517 in the first year.

This particular deal doesn't offer green electricity, however, customers can sign up to this dual fuel deal from the energy supplier with €210 cashback instead, as the electricity supplied to your home is 100% Green!

Back to the deal at hand, the exclusive plan comes on a 12 month contract which is the norm for most energy deals nowadays. Before signing up customers should be aware that payment with this plan is Direct Debit and Online Billing only.

We would be remiss not to mention that Electric Ireland launched a whole range of brand new smart tariffs for customers with smart meters back in April. So if you already have one installed you can read more here.

You can sign up to Electric Ireland's Dual Fuel plan here today.

2. Energia - Dual Fuel Bundle 40/39%

Our next dual fuel plan is from Energia who's offering new customers who sign up to its Dual Fuel Bundle a massive 40% off its standard unit electricity rate and a further 39% off its standard unit gas rate.

The energy supplier is also offering new customers €35 cashback on top of the generous discounts, and while it may not seem like much, it all adds up!

Customers will also be glad to know that the electricity supplied with this deal is 100% Green and is generated using renewable energy technologies.

With its low unit rates on gas and electricity the average energy customer could save just over €500 when they switch to this dual fuel plan from Energia.

What's more, this deal won Best Dual Fuel Plan (New Customers) at this year's bonkers.ie National Consumer Awards.

Energia’s deal comes on a 12 month contract and is subject to a €50 exit fee per fuel if you decide to leave before your contract is up.

You can sign up to this deal from Energia with this link.

3. Bord Gáis Energy - Dual Fuel (Exclusive to bonkers.ie)

Our final dual fuel plan is from none other than Bord Gáis Energy which is offering yet another top deal for customers who are looking to choose one supplier for their energy needs.

With its Dual Fuel offer new customers who sign up will receive a 28% discount off its standard unit electricity rate, as well as 36% off its standard unit gas rate.

That means that by signing up to this deal, and with the combined savings on offer, the average energy customer could save a little over €500 in the first year.

Bord Gáis has even committed to a continued 5% discount for customers after the initial 12 month contract period elapses.

Another positive for those considering signing up to this deal is that one third (33%) of the electricity supplied to your home is generated with renewable energy, so customers can continue to enjoy big discounts while supporting the green wave at the same time.

As with the other deals in this article a €50 early-exit fee per fuel applies if you decide to leave before the end of your contract period.

One last added bonus of signing up to get your energy from Bord Gáis is benefitting from its trusty rewards scheme. BGE has teamed up with Tesco as well as Circle K to help save you money on your energy bills.

With the partnership between Tesco and Bord Gáis you can ‘Boost’ your Tesco Clubcard vouchers in order to double the savings made on your gas, electricity, or HomeCare bills. It’s also possible to earn Clubcard points every time you pay your energy bill with Bord Gáis - neat! 

You can sign up with Bord Gáis here.

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Helping you to save money on your gas and electricity bills is what we do best, that’s why we’ve been accredited by Ireland’s independent utilities regulator, the CRU for the eighth year in a row.

Comparing and switching your gas and electricity bills has never been easier when you use our energy comparison tool, for single or dual fuel - switch and save today with this link!

Before we forget, if you want to see your electricity-only options make sure and read our post on 3 electricity deals to help lower your energy bills.

And doing just that only takes a couple of moments when you compare and switch with bonkers.ie today.

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*All calculations are based on average energy consumption figures provided by the CRU.