Virgin Media waives activation fees for broadband and TV customers
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Virgin Media has started off 2021 with some more than tempting deals for new customers across its broadband and triple play offering, not to mention waiving activation fees for new customers.

If you’ve been considering signing up to a new broadband or TV service from Virgin Media of late, its most recent announcement has confirmed that there’s no better time to do so.

That’s because the telecommunications provider this week announced that it would be waiving all its activation fees for new customers who sign up to any one of its broadband or triple-play bundles.

And that’s not all, Virgin Media has also announced more than a handful of new promotions across its broadband, TV, and home phone range that is sure to pique your interest.

Thinking about signing up yet? Find out the latest news and what bargains are on offer in more detail below.

The details in full

Virgin Media has removed its activation fee of €30 from its Broadband and Sports Pass plans, as well as from its triple play bundles. The move is part of a wider ongoing promotion available to all new customers.

New customers of Virgin Media will also no longer have to pay the €50 activation fee should they sign up to any one of its triple play bundles which includes the new Virgin Media VTV360 set-top box.

As part of the wider promotion, new customers who sign up to any one of the company’s Broadband and Sports Pass deals can also enjoy a discount of €30 off for six months.

Needless to say, but customers who sign up to any one of the new deals will also receive the Virgin Media Sports Pass included free of charge. We’ll take a closer look at one of these deals shortly.

Those who choose to sign up to a bundled deal that includes Virgin Media’s broadband, TV and home phone services will also be on the receiving end of a €37 discount should they sign up.

Let’s take a look at the new promotions in closer detail.

Broadband and Sports Pass

Virgin Media is offering new customers who wish to sign up to one of its broadband-only deals speeds of up to 250Mbps, 360Mbps, 500Mbps, and all the way up to the dizzying speeds of 1Gbps.

All new customers who sign up to one of the above speeds will receive a discount of €30 off for the first six months, or half the contract term.

That means someone who signs up to receive speeds of 250Mbps will pay only €30 per month for the first six months and €60 thereafter, which is only €540 for the whole year.

As well as the discounted price, broadband customers will also have the Virgin Media Sports Pass included which boasts access to Sky Sports, Ultimate Rugby, and all the F1 action.

Take a look at our handy table below for a more thorough guide at a glance.



Price per month

Price for 12 months

VM Sports App



€30 for 6 months, €60 thereafter




€35 for 6 months, €65 thereafter




€41 for 6 months, €71 thereafter




€55 for 6 months, €85 thereafter


 To see each plan in more detail simply click the links included in our table above to find out more!

Triple play offers

If you’re looking to switch it up and sign up to one of Virgin Media’s broadband, TV and home phone deals you’ll be glad to know you’ll also receive a discount, but for the increased value of €37, and for the full duration of your 12 month contract.

The biggest difference between each of the four bundles outlined below in our table is the speed of broadband supplied. The amount of TV channels will also increase the bigger bundle you decide to choose.

Taking a look at The Bigger Bundle in particular, those who sign up will receive broadband speeds of up to 500Mbps as well as 66 TV channels, not to mention anytime calls to both Irish mobiles and landlines, and for only €61 per month for the full year.

Additionally, customers will no longer have to pay the €50 activation fee for any of the below bundles when signing up as a new customer, and can enjoy the new discount simultaneously.

It’s worth mentioning that all those who sign up to any one of the below triple play bundles will have access to the Virgin Media Sports App, too!

And if you’re a sports fan looking to take it one step further Virgin Media is also offering all new triple play customers 20% off all Sky Premium subscriptions when they sign up.

That means customers will be able to get Sky Sports and Sky Cinema at a discounted price, either together or separately.

Check out each triple play bundle in more detail with our table that follows.



Broadband speed

TV channels

Price per month

Price for 12 months

Big Bundle




€55 for 12 months/ €92 thereafter


Bigger Bundle




€61 for 12 months/ €98 thereafter


Bigger than Big Bundle




€67 for 12 months/ €104 thereafter


Beast Bundle




€75 for 12 months/ €112 thereafter


Switching your broadband?

There’s no better time than January to have a browse of the latest deals on broadband and TV, especially if you’re out of contract with your current provider and looking to switch.

Those looking to upgrade their broadband and TV this January could see themselves save big, and that’s only from Virgin Media’s new promotions above.

If you’re considering switching your service provider you can use to run a full comparison across all providers in the market, and what’s more, it only takes a couple of seconds!

You can check out the available broadband providers in Ireland here.

We recently carried out a comprehensive comparison of triple play bundles from Eir, Sky, Virgin Media and Vodafone, which you may find useful when researching your switch. 

Before making the switch, you may find reviewing the following guides beneficial in making an informed decision:

So whether it’s a broadband-only plan to help with working from home or a more extensive triple play plan to keep the whole family entertained, you can compare each and every deal right now on

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