GoMo to end its €12.99 a month for life offer
Rob Flynn
Staff Writer

GoMo launched in Ireland less than two years ago and has since amassed a customer base of over 250,000. However, the mobile operator is now planning on upping its prices.

It was a good run while it lasted, especially for those who got in early, but GoMo has officially announced that its popular mobile offer will finish in April.

New customers have until 8th April (extended from the end of March) to sign up to its SIM-only service, which offers customers 'unlimited' calls, texts and data for only €12.99 a month 'for life'.

However, existing GoMo customers won’t see any change to the price they pay per month, which has been advertised as 'for life'.

Caroline Lynch, GoMo Marketing Lead said:

Since we introduced GoMo to the Irish market in 2019, it has attracted tens of thousands of customers and this is because GoMo was designed to give customers everything they need from their mobile in one simple proposition. GoMo has been recognised as best in class, winning a series of awards, and we were extremely proud that GoMo was named Irish brand of the year 2020! There is still time for new GoMo customers to lock in and enjoy all calls, all texts and all data for €12.99 a month, for life, by signing up [quickly].

More recently in April, GoMo unveiled its new €14.99 per month SIM-only plan.

What GoMo offers

New customers who sign up to GoMo’s award winning SIM-only plan receive an unlimited allowance of calls, texts as well as data each month for €12.99 - provided of course you sign up before 8th April.

What’s more, GoMo uses the Eir network which offers customers 99% 3G population coverage and 99% 4G population coverage across the country.

When it comes to data, customers should know that a fair usage policy of 120GB applies, previously 80GB. However, this is still higher than many of its competitors such as 48, Virgin Mobile and Tesco Mobile. Once you go over this, GoMo reserves the right to reduce your speed, which some customers have said is still a respectable 3 to 5Mbps.

GoMo doesn't offer a 5G service at present - indeed one of the reasons it might be ending its current €12.99 a month offer is because it wants to launch a plan with a 5G service. We'll see...

When GoMo originally launched in 2019 the same plan was available for just €9.99 a month for life, but the price was subsequently increased to €12.99 a few months later - again 'for life'.

GoMo’s unique no-frills product offering is undeniably popular with customers, amassing over a quarter of a million customers thus far and spurring rival operations from the likes of 3's '48' and Vodafone's 'Clear Mobile'.

The GoMo SIM-only plan has won the Best BillPay Mobile Phone plan at the bonkers.ie National Consumer Awards for the past two years in a row.

Sports rights

The news from GoMo comes at the same time that Eir has announced that it has decided not to participate in the latest round of sports rights auctions, meaning the sports offering on its Eir Sport channel will be even more reduced, putting into doubt the future of the service.

Eir said in statement released this week that the impact of the Covid-19 pandemic has had a significant impact on live sports across the world, limiting the supply of content for broadcast.

The company also said that ‘the almost complete closure of licensed premises in Ireland fundamentally changed the commercial model for subscription-based sports broadcasters".

“As we navigate these challenges, Eir has made the decision not to partake in the latest rounds of sports rights auctions.”

However, the company noted that there will be “no immediate change” to Eir Sport content for current subscribers.

In 2019 Eir lost its broadcasting contract to distribute BT Sport and with it the rights to show the English Premier League and Champions League.

In 2018 it secured the Irish rights to the Guinness Pro 14 Rugby but that contract is running out this year.

More recently Eir removed Eir Sport for Virgin Media TV customers following a dispute over a failure to pay a contracted distribution licence fee.

Always shop around

Are you looking for a new mobile phone plan? Make sure you shop around for the best deals.

There are plenty of options to choose from and there’s always more competition entering the market. Back in Janaury, Vodafone announced it was launching its low-cost, budget brand Clear Mobile

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It’s important to consider network speeds in your area, too. Take a look at this blog to find out which mobile provider has the best coverage in your area.

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