GoMo unveils its new €14.99 per month SIM-only plan
Rob Flynn
Staff Writer

Mobile customers who sign up to GoMo’s ‘for life’ offer will receive all calls, all texts, and all data for €14.99 per month.

It was only in March that Eir’s SIM-only service, GoMo, announced it would be ending its €12.99 a month offer for new customers.

Since then we’ve been waiting patiently to find out what the new price point of the popular SIM-only deal would be, and the news is finally in.

New customers will now be charged €14.99 a month for GoMo’s no-frills, unlimited calls, texts and data deal, a €2 increase from its previous price, and a €5 jump from the plan's original price when it first launched less than two years ago in 2019. However the price 'for life' offer remains.

Importantly, GoMo has reassured existing customers, of which there are now more than 250,000, that there will be no price change to their ‘for life’ plans. So if you’re still paying €9.99 or €12.99 a month your bill won’t increase.

GoMo uses Eir's network and offers 99% 4G population coverage across the country. However customers still won't have access to any 5G service for the foreseeable future. 

What’s new?

As part of its recent price change GoMo is also introducing 4G calling and WiFi calling for all its customers.

The new services will be available immediately to new customers upon sign up, while GoMo plans to roll out 4G calling and WiFi calling to all existing customers by the end of the summer.

So what are they exactly, I hear you ask?

Well, 4G calling allows customers a much faster call connection, improved call quality, and allows you to multitask on your phone while on a call.  

On the other hand, WiFi calling allows customers to use their smartphone to call and text over any WiFi connection, either inside or outside the home. However the biggest benefit of this is being able to make international calls and texts over WiFi for the same price as at home, not to mention vastly improving people's phone coverage.

Speaking about the new offer, Caroline Lynch, GoMo Marketing Lead said: 

We are delighted to launch our new offer, for all calls, all texts and all data for €14.99 a month for life. 4G calling means a faster call connection, twice the speed of 3G calls, as well as improved call quality for our customers. A major benefit for new GoMo customers is that 4G Calling makes multitasking possible, so during a call users can send emails, browse social media and watch videos, without disruption, using their mobile data. 

In addition to this, WiFi calling allows customers to use their mobile phone through any WiFi connection, this will improve their indoor coverage and allow them to make calls and send texts anywhere in the world for the same price as at home, on WiFi Calling enabled devices. This means GoMo customers will have the best experience possible.

As GoMo is an online service it doesn't have any stores on the high street so customers must sign up online, but once you do your new SIM will then be posted to your address within a few short days.

Plenty of SIM-only deals to choose from

If you’re interested in signing up to a new SIM-only deal and plan on saving some money, GoMo is of course not the only network that offers great value.

Rival providers 48, Virgin Mobile, as well as Clear Mobile (to name a few) all have great SIM-only deals on offer at the moment for new customers.

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