Celebrate free installation from Sky with these top plans
Rob Flynn
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Sky is now offering new and existing broadband and TV customers free setup and installation. Are you considering switching to Sky? Now could be the perfect time.

One of the charges we often forget about when signing up to a new broadband, TV or home phone plan is the cost of setup and installation, not to mention equipment fees.

When telecommunications companies do charge for installation it’s usually around €50, but sometimes this can be more, or less, depending on the provider.

However, Sky has recently announced it will be offering free setup and installation across all of its TV and broadband plans until the end of the year, for both new and existing customers no less!

Sky used to charge a €50 setup fee for broadband and TV bundles and €30 for standalone broadband plans, but the removal of these fees means any new customer who signs up to any of Sky's deals won’t have to pay extra. Existing customers can also upgrade and avoid the fees too!

In celebration of Sky removing this fee, we've taken a look at three great deals currently available from the provider!

Broadband Only - Sky Broadband Ultrafast Plus

The first deal on the cards is one of Sky’s ‘Fibre Ultra’ broadband plans, perfect for anyone looking for a significant upgrade to their home broadband, and for a great price too!

This broadband-only deal provides new customers with a 100% full-fibre connection with speeds of up to 500Mbps, and for as little as €35 per month for the first year.

Once the first year is up, the plan will revert to €60 per month thereafter, which is still fairly reasonable.

Ultrafast Plus is powered by SIRO, the joint venture between Vodafone and the ESB, so customers must make sure they can connect to this before signing up.

One of the many positives however of comparing broadband plans and signing up through bonkers.ie is that once you conduct a comparison, the results you see will be based solely on what’s available directly to your home.

See here for more details about Sky’s Ultrafast Plus plan.

Broadband & TV - Sky Signature & Broadband Ultrafast Plus

The next deal available for sign up from Sky, and that’s not subject to any setup or installation fees, is its Sky Signature and Broadband Ultrafast Plus deal.

With this plan new customers can get their hands on Sky’s SIRO-powered 500Mbps broadband (the same as the first deal above), as well as its Signature TV package that comes with 91 television channels.

This broadband and TV package from Sky is heavily discounted and is only €50 per month for the first year of a 12 month contract. After that the price reverts to €92 per month.

With a first year cost of only €600 this is the perfect deal for those looking to upgrade their in-home broadband connection and sign up to a quality TV package at the same time.

What Sky affords customers is a reliable broadband service with a seamless television viewing experience and an easy-to-use platform, brimming with excellent on-demand and live television.

For more information on Sky’s broadband and TV deal just click here.

Triple Play - Sky Signature, Broadband Ultrafast Max & Talk Freetime

The great deals from Sky don’t end there either! There are also plenty of options in the pot for triple play customers who are looking for a bargain too…

Take its Sky Signature, Broadband Ultrafast Max & Talk Freetime deal for example. For those looking for a home entertainment package for the entire family, well, look no further!

With this plan customers can get their hands on 91 TV channels, a home phone with off-peak calls to Irish landlines, as well as a 100% fibre broadband connection with speeds of up to 1Gbps! 

All this for only €60 per month for the first 12 months, and €102 thereafter. 

Considering plenty of slower broadband-only deals come in at around €60 per month, this is a pretty great price, especially considering it also provides a robust TV and home phone package. Sign. Us. Up!

And similar to the deals above, you guessed it, there’s no activation fee; that’s for setup, installation, or equipment - happy days!

So, time to kick back, relax, and get ready to be entertained!

For more information on this triple play deal from Sky just click here.

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