N26 offering a year's free subscription to N26 You
Daragh Cassidy
Head Writer

N26 You comes with some great travel-related perks and for a limited time only it's available to sign up to for free.

The past year or so has been tough on everyone. Whether it's the pub, the big nights out, live sport, the gym, or just social interactions in general, everyone's had something they've been missing.

And many people would probably add weekend European city breaks and travel to the list. 

But with the world economy finally beginning to reopen, foreign holidays are finally back on the horizon!

So to celebrate the return to international travel, German online bank N26 is offering a year’s free subscription to its premium account N26 You, which usually costs €9.90 a month, and which comes packed with a host of great travel-related perks.

So if you're thinking of traveling abroad this year, and want to travel with confidence, this is an account to consider...

What does N26 You offer?

With an N26 You account customers get up to five fee-free ATM withdrawals a month within the Eurozone (this compares to only three with a standard N26 account).

Customers also get unlimited fee-free ATM withdrawals outside the Eurozone. This would cost you 1.7% per withdrawal with a standard N26 account and up to 3% or more with AIB, BOI, Ulster Bank and any of the other traditional providers.

You also get up to 10 Spaces sub-accounts for budgeting and saving as well as a choice of five colourful debit cards to choose from. Customers also get 24/7 customer care with access to a direct phone support line - so no more trying to speak to chat bots! 

You can also avail of N26's Round-up feature, similar to Revolut's Vaults, where every card transaction is rounded up to the nearest euro and the difference is automatically saved in a Space.

However as well as all the above, there's also a host of travel-related benefits that make this a current account really worth considering, such as:

  • Medical insurance of up to €1 million for you, your partner and kids, inclusive of dental emergencies.
  • Trip insurance, which will cover you for up to €10,000, in the event of your trip being cancelled or curtailed.
  • Flight insurance of up to €500 for flight delays over four hours.
  • Luggage coverage of up to €500 for baggage delays over 12 hours, and up to €2,000 if it goes missing.
  • And unlike many travel policies, you’re covered for medical emergencies and trip cancellation or curtailment due to Covid.

And of course all N26 customers get free day-to-day banking with no charge for direct debits, standing orders, chip and pin or contactless payments. And there are no foreign exchange fees on any purchases made with your debit card either. You’ll also benefit from the Mastercard exchange rate, without any sneaky markups.

You also get up-to-the-minute notifications and analytics on your spending so you're always in control.

Special offer 

Anyone who signs up to an N26 You account before 18th June can get a year's subscription entirely free. After that the usual fee of €9.90 a month applies. 

Just use code: N26FREEYOU when signing up.

Is it worth it?

At €9.90 a month the account might seem expensive at first but when you consider the free comprehensive travel insurance that comes with it, it becomes much better value. 

Also, being able to withdraw cash fee-free is another perk for anyone who travels often, particularly outside the eurozone. For example if you went to London and withdrew the equivalent of €100 it would cost you nothing with N26 You and €4.50 with Ulster Bank!

And because N26 is a fully licensed bank, any money you have up to €100,000 is fully protected by the Deposit Guarantee Scheme, meaning your money is safe. 

Consider all options

If you’re someone who travels frequently, the N26 You account is a good choice. However it’s important to review all options before making a decision. 

To run a full comparison of all current account options available, use our current account comparison tool. You could find the best value current account to suit your needs in a matter of minutes!

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Let's hear from you!

Are you planning to travel abroad soon? Would you consider signing up for N26 You? We'd love to hear from you.

If you have any questions about N26 You, do get in touch. Contact us over on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram, or comment below!