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Even as we begin to see decreases in residential prices from the major energy suppliers, household bills will still be way above what they were just a couple of years ago. 

Daragh Cassidy, Head of Communications at, appeared on Today with Claire Byrne to discuss the situation for households, and to share his energy-saving tips

Listen to the interview above or look at the main points discussed below.

Main points from the interview:

  • All major energy suppliers have now announced price cuts, most coming into effect during November.
  • However, prices are still at very high levels, and would need to fall considerably to be similar to the tariffs seen a couple of years ago. In 2020, unit prices for electricity were around 20 cents, now, even after discounts, they are still close to 40 cents. 
  • Yuno Energy has entered the market, and may represent the cheapest option for some households. They plan to offer gas over the next year or so. 
  • Discounts are beginning to be offered again also, meaning households can save around 10% to 20% per year, which could ultimately shave hundreds of euros off the average bill. 
  • The €450 energy credits are much needed, but at least the same amount of money could be saved by switching as well.
  • Changing energy usage behaviour could also help you save money on your bills. An obvious example is shifting habits towards off-peak hours if you have a smart or night saver meter. 
  • Washing clothes at a cooler temperature, such as 30ºc, will also lower your consumption. The biggest use of electricity in a washing machine is heating the water, so picking a lower temperature will help reduce how much electricity your machine uses. 
  • Simple things like leaving the fridge door open can also waste a surprising amount of electricity, as it can take up to 45 minutes for a fridge to get back to temperature. Additionally, for most people, it is not worth wasting energy preheating the oven. 
  • Other tips include getting energy efficient LED light bulbs, don’t overfill the kettle, and to get dryer balls to reduce the amount of time you need to have the tumble dryer on.
  • If you are upgrading your appliances, make sure to check the energy efficiency, and get the closest to an A rating that you can afford.

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