Revolut ensures IBAN discrimination is over with Irish IBANs - C103

Image audioRevolut ensures IBAN discrimination is over with Irish IBANs - C103

Daragh Cassidy, the Head of Communications at, spoke on C103 about Revolut’s announcement that it will provide Irish IBANs to all its customers based in Ireland in the next two months. 

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Main takeaways from the interview

  • Currently, all Revolut customers in Ireland have Lithuanian IBANs. 
  • Having a Lithuanian IBAN resulted in many Revolut customers falling victim to IBAN discrimination, as often social welfare, employers and utility companies will not recognise a foreign IBAN to make payments to or receive payments from.
  • The introduction of Irish IBANs is a game-changer for the 2 million Revolut users in Ireland, as it will encourage more people to use it and see it as an option for a primary account. 
  • The majority of adults in Ireland have Revolut accounts. Once Irish IBANs become available, it is believed that many people may be encouraged to close their accounts with traditional banks such as AIB, Bank of Ireland and Permanent TSB
  • The reason Revolut is so popular is due to its strong online app and because it has no bank fees. 
  • However, some consumers may be reluctant to use Revolut because:
    • It is a fully online bank, meaning there are no in-person branches
    • It has no overdraft facility 
    • It has heavy fees for taking out cash  
  • Revolut customers will receive an email from Revolut and a notification in their app outlining when their migration to an Irish IBAN will take place.
  • Although the change to an Irish IBAN will happen automatically, it is the account holder's responsibility to inform and update their employer, social welfare and/or direct debits and standing orders with their new IBAN. 

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