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Daragh Cassidy, Head of Communications at, spoke on East Coast FM to discuss the launch of fixed gas, electricity and dual fuel deals with Flogas. 

These deals which are available to both new and existing customers hope to offer stability to consumers struggling to stay afloat in the fluctuating energy market. 

Listen back to the interview above or check out the main points discussed below.

Key takeaways 

  • Flogas has launched new fixed-price energy deals which will allow customers to get a fixed price for gas, electricity or dual fuel deals for one year. 
  • Fixed energy deals stopped being sold around 3 years ago in Ireland. 
  • Flogas’ re-introduction of these types of plans is expected to be welcomed by many consumers who are struggling to pay their bills in the volatile energy market.
  • Similar to fixed mortgage rates, consumers will be expected to pay a little bit more for a fixed energy deal, however, for many consumers, it is worth having certainty and stability when it comes to their bills. 
  • Thankfully, the price Flogas is offering for these deals is quite good and depending on your usage, one of these deals may be the best value option for you. 
  • These fixed-price deals are open to anyone, including existing Flogas customers who aren’t in the contract, those who are planning to switch suppliers and those who are out of contracts 
  • Flogas is also offering a welcome credit of €150 for gas, €150 for electricity and €300 for dual fuel deals. 
  • However, as electricity and gas prices are at record highs, your bills will still be expensive but they will be stable. 

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