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With no end in sight to the ongoing energy crisis, many of us are still trying to reduce our energy consumption to cut the cost of our bills. 

Daragh Cassidy, Head of Communications at, appeared on the Dermot and Dave show on Today FM to discuss how you can save money with these top New Year’s energy resolutions.

Listen back to the interview above or check out the main points discussed below.

Main points from the interview

1. Know how much energy appliances use

  • If you’re looking to save on your bills, consider getting to know which appliances use the most electricity.
  • The Government has recently sent out a leaflet as part of the ‘Reduce Your Use’ campaign that gives an overview of which appliances are expensive to run. 
  • The tumble dryer uses a large amount of energy, but we don’t tend to use this as much as the oven or the electric shower, which are also costly to run.
  • Using an oven can cost up to €1.30 per hour of use. However once an oven reaches its top temperature, it doesn’t use as much. 
  • Be mindful of how you cook. Maybe invest in an air fryer or use your microwave when you can, or a slow cooker.
  • A five-minute electric shower costs about 35 cents, whereas if you put the immersion on to heat the water for a full day, it can cost around €2 - €2.30.

2. Avoid using energy during peak hours

    • If you have a nightsaver meter or a smart meter, try to use electricity when it’s less expensive. The dishwasher and washing machine can be put on at a later time, avoiding peak hours. Just be mindful that they may be a fire hazard, so this may only suit late owls. 
    • If you have a standard meter or you haven’t activated your smart meter and are on a standard tariff, you won’t see lower bills by changing the times you use electricity. However, you will relieve the pressure on the grid.

    3. Tackle draughts

    • Due to draughts, which are common in homes in Ireland, the cost of heating can cause a shock when we get our energy bills.
    • To draught-proof your home, consider buying a draught excluder for doors, using a chimney balloon if you have an unused fireplace, and sealing windows to keep cold air out.

    4. Switch energy supplier

    • If you’re out of contract with your current energy supplier, you could switch to a new provider and avail of a new customer discount.
    • Discounts only last 12 months, so make sure you switch every year.

    If you’re looking to change energy providers, you can switch right here on in just a few clicks using our energy comparison tool. Don’t forget to check out our Quickstart Guide for additional information on the comparison and switching process. 

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