Is Ireland becoming a cashless society? - Newstalk

Image audioIs Ireland becoming a cashless society? - Newstalk

Daragh Cassidy discusses whether Ireland is moving towards a completely cashless society on Newstalk. During the interview, he lists the various pros and cons associated with using cash and card bank payments. 

The key points from the interview:

  • Dún Laoghaire-Rathdown County Council’s decision that the Sandy Cove Avenue West public toilets will change from coin to contactless payments by the end of November has sparked a debate on whether Ireland is heading toward a cashless society.
  • Some councillors are worried that this decision will isolate certain groups who prefer to use cash over card payments, such as the older generation. 
  • However, Daragh believes Ireland is moving towards a less cash-reliant society, rather than a cashless one. 
  • Ireland is writing 20 million cheques a year, this equates to 4 cheques being written for every man, woman and child in Ireland. 
  • The benefits of using increased card payments include: 
    • Better hygiene 
    • Increased safety for businesses as they are less likely to be burgled as they don’t have as much money on the premises
    • Increased safety for consumers as they don’t have to carry large quantities of cash on them
    • Making it harder to commit tax evasion
    • Making it more difficult to launder money
    • The ability to track your money easier with the use of apps
  • However, overspending is easier to do when using card payments rather than cash-based ones. 
  • Find out more about whether Ireland is moving towards a cashless society here

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