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Moving Home? Find the fastest broadband providers

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Setting up your new broadband connection couldn't be easier

Broadband is just about as important as light, heating and in some cases, food these days when it comes to moving into a new home! Once you’ve got some of the more tiresome tasks out of the way such as mortgage legal forms, fitting appliances and the like, the next thing you’re going to need to do is get set up with a fast, reliable broadband connection.

There are quite a few broadband providers in Ireland offering competitive packages that often come bundled with home phone and TV services and it can be confusing trying to figure out which one best suits your needs. Some questions you might find yourself asking: what kind of broadband speeds can I get? How fast does my connection need to be? How can I test my broadband speed? That’s where comes in!

First things first, can I bring my old connection to my new home?

Before you jump into looking for a new broadband provider, it’s always worth considering whether or not it makes sense for you to stick with your existing provider if you’re still in contract with them from your previous address. If you’re happy with the price and the service, it makes sense to ask your provider to move your connection over to your new address.

Of course, this will only be possible if your provider has connection availability at your new address, which may not always be the case. Ireland is well known for its broadband blackspots and some providers are only available in certain areas. Just give your provider a call to find out about availability. If it is available, your provider should be able to get you up and running fairly quickly but keep in mind that there might be a small installation fee required to bring the connection over.

Setting up a brand new broadband connection.

Finding out which broadband providers are available in your area couldn’t be easier with All you have to do is key in your address or eircode to our broadband price comparison page and you’ll be redirected to a list of the top broadband retailers offering broadband deals available at your new address.

You can browse broadband deals by price or speed and not only that, you can also look at bundling options for TV and home phone services to get the very best value for money.

Once you’ve found a package that suits you, simply select it on comparison results page and we’ll get the ball rolling. Once you’ve filled in a few details you’ll get a follow-up call from your chosen provider and they’ll organise all the necessary actions needed for installation.

Why should I use’s broadband comparison tool?

Simple, we gather all the best deals from all of the broadband providers that are available at your address so that you don’t have to scour the internet and tens of websites to find the same options. Our service is free to use, totally impartial and will save you a bundle in time and money!

Remember that the blog also comes chockablock full with guides and tips concerning all areas of broadband so if you’ve got a question, you can sure to find the answer there!

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