Virgin Media Freedom 500 Bundle

TV (21 channels) Anytime calls | Unlimited data | €90 per month


Freedom 500 Bundle

€90 per month

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Digital TV

This bundle includes twenty-one great channels including:

RTE1 and 2, Virgin Media channels, BBC 1 and 2 and many more.

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Built for apps, with apps built-in.

Love your TV apps? The gang’s all here on your Virgin TV 360 box. Virgin have got Ireland’s most popular telly apps available in one place, from one remote. And with Voice Control you can quickly search, find and jump right into apps like Netflix, Prime Video and YouTube.

4K-ready as standard

Whether it’s your main TV 360 box or the Mini box in your bedroom, all Virgin TV 360 boxes are 4K and HDR-ready, so when there is 4K content available, you’re all set to watch in pixel-packed Ultra HD.

TV Anywhere App

You know how it goes… you’re a TV customer, and you want to watch telly in the bath. Or on the bus. Or up a tree. Well, TV Anywhere lets you do just that! Watch TV on your smart device, anytime, anywhere with the Virgin TV Anywhere app.

Box sets and movies

Ready to binge the next big thing? Virgin TV 360 is bursting with TV box sets and hundreds of movies to watch on demand. And now Premium on demand means you can enjoy the latest movies while still showing in cinemas.

Say it, see it

With super-powerful Voice Control plus personalised Profiles for everyone, it’s never been easier to jump straight into the TV you love. Put your feet up, hold the Mic button on your remote, and start binging.


Freedom Broadband:

Freedom Broadband is a new bundle that comes with a 30 day contract.

Unlimited Fibre Broadband:

Fibre Broadband with an unlimited usage allowance and superfast download speeds. 

Why Choose Virgin Media Broadband?
  • 99.9% Network reliability​
  • No download limits​
  • Parental controls ​
  • Smart WiFi technology​
  • Fastest in Ireland for Netflix streaming ​
  • Great for gaming, with low ping speed.
Broadband at a glance
Average speed 490Mbps
Maximum upload speed 50Mbps
Data per month Unlimited data

Home phone

Home Phone with Anytime Mobile:

Unlimited minutes to landlines and mobiles in Ireland. 400 minutes per month to fixed landline numbers in 22 international destinations and USA and Canadian mobile numbers. Line Rental included.

International Calls

22 selected international destinations include Australia, Austria, Belgium, Canada, Denmark, France, Germany, Greece, Italy, Liechtenstein, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, United Kingdom, USA.

Home phone at a glance
Anytime calls to Irish landlines
Calls to international landlines
Anytime calls to Irish mobiles


Virgin Media introduce Freedom 500 Bundle with a 30-day contract.

Terms & conditions

Discount price shown is for new customers only.

Terms & conditions at a glance
Setup cost (new customer) €50
Setup cost (existing customer) €0
Equipment cost €0
Contract duration 1 month

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Freedom 500 Bundle

€90 per month

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Winner at the 2021 awards
  • Best Bundle - Broadband, Mobile & TV
2021 awards 2021 awards

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