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How much broadband speed can I get?

Switching providers is the best way to get the maximum speed for your home. You can select your preferred broadband provider and broadband deal using our free broadband comparison and switching service.

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What is a good broadband speed in Ireland?

Your requirements will largely determine what a good speed for you is. If you are a casual user, for example just browsing the internet or sending emails, then any speed above 3Mb/s should be sufficient for your needs. If you stream movies or watch YouTube, or you have a busy household with several family members using your broadband connection then your requirements will greatly increase to above 25Mb/s to get good results, especially for HD movies. If you are a gamer you should aim for speeds above 100Mb/s as the latency of your connection is vital to ensuring your smooth and most enjoyable gaming experience.
Good broadband speeds are in the following groups:

  • Casual user: 3Mb/s
  • Movies, Netflix: 25Mb/s
  • Family: 25Mb/s-360Mb/s
  • Gamer: 50Mb/s-360Mb/s

How can I find out my broadband speed?

Your broadband speed depends on several factors, the most important of which is the connection to your broadband provider. If you use WiFi to connect to the internet at home, the strength of your WiFi signal in your home is vital in determining the actual speed you obtain. For the most accurate results you should connect your laptop to your broadband router with an ethernet cable if possible and then run a speed test above.

What is my broadband speed in mb?

The speed of your connection is typically measured in mega-bits-per-second or Mb/s. Sometimes people mistakenly think it is measured in mega-bytes-per-second or MB/s, which is incorrect. To determine the speed you obtain from your broadband provider you should run a speed test above and the results you are shown will be in Mb/s.

What is the most accurate broadband speed test?

To get the most accurate broadband speed test you should connect your laptop to your broadband router in your home before running the speed test, so you avoid any potential issues with WiFi connection interference in your home. Once you have done that you can run your speed test above to get the most accurate results, or alternatively you can use broadbandspeedtest.ie or speedtest.net .

Why do broadband speed test results vary?

Speed test results can vary for a number of reasons. The most important to check first is how you connect to the internet. If you use WiFi then the distance to your WiFi router is the most important factor, as well as any WiFi interference around your home. WiFi interference can be caused by some standard domestic appliances such as microwave ovens and other WiFi routers near you, for example at a neighbour's house. For best results, you should remove WiFi from the equation when you are running a speed test by connecting to your WiFi router using an ethernet cable - also known as an RJ45 cable, or patch cable.


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