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As nobody once said, "Home is where the WiFi connects automatically".

Broadband has become an important part of everyday life. This is why finding the perfect broadband deal for your requirements could represent the difference between a happy and a frustrated you. provides you with everything you need to get the best broadband only, dual play, triple play or tv only deal out there.

Explore all the bundles available in the Irish market - or take advantage of our powerful search tools to tailor your results.

Once you have found your ideal bundle, you can order it directly in just 3 minutes! It couldn't be easier!

So grab your tea, relax and #gobonkers with your broadband!

How many broadband deals are available in Ireland?

There are over 163 broadband deals available in Ireland:

  1. Cellnet has 5 broadband packages available
  2. Digiweb has 9 broadband packages available
  3. Eir has 23 broadband packages available
  4. IFA Telecom has 8 broadband packages available
  5. Imagine has 1 broadband package available
  6. Pure Telecom has 6 broadband packages available
  7. Rural Wifi has 9 broadband packages available
  8. Sky Ireland has 41 broadband packages available
  9. Virgin Media has 42 broadband packages available
  10. Vodafone has 19 broadband packages available

As you can see there is a lot to choose from here, but choosing the right broadband doesn't have to be overwhelming - with the right tools you'll be able to pick your perfect bundle in just 3 minutes. At you will find everything you need for your next broadband deal!

Which broadband deal is best for me?

This is very subjective, since it depends on your specific requirements. We recommend you get personalised results using our broadband comparison tool. Select your preferences, add your address in the search bar and we will find the best match, just for you.

Which broadband bundle has got the best value for money?

Don't limit your choice to just broadband deals. Explore all options available in your area and you could discover some great packages, for example you might decide to bundle broadband, home phone and TV service into a single provider bill.

What do I need to consider when choosing my broadband deal?

The most important things to take into consideration are your monthly budget, your average monthly data consumption and the number of people will use broadband in your home. The more people in your home, the higher your speed requirement, and if you all watch Youtube or Netflix, then you'll definitely need an unlimited data allowance.

We'll show you the price for the first full year, and incorporate any short-term discounts you might enjoy on your first few monthly bills.

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