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Nordax Bank is a Swedish financial institution that specializes in consumer banking services across Northern Europe. Founded in 2003, Nordax primarily focuses on providing loans and savings products to cusotmers across Scandavia and Germany. The bank prioritises simplicity, efficiency, and customer-centric solutions in its operations. Nordax offers various loan products, including personal loans, refinancing options, and credit cards, tailored to meet the diverse needs of its clientele. With a commitment to responsible lending practices, Nordax prioritizes transparency and fair terms for borrowers. The bank's online platform facilitates easy access to financial services, allowing customers to manage their accounts conveniently. Nordax Bank's growth and reputation stem from its dedication to delivering reliable banking solutions while maintaining a strong emphasis on customer satisfaction and financial stability in the dynamic European market.

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Regular monthly saver€1,000 deposit

Raisin - Demand Deposit

Nordax Bank - Raisin - Demand Deposit

Raisin - Demand Deposit

AAA rating
Lump sum saver
Regular monthly saver
Deposit Guarantee
Earn up to €100 bonus*
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Deposit Guarantee Scheme
No Minimum term
min/max savings (total deposit)
€1 / €85,000
Instant access
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