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Electric Ireland Pay As You Go Gas

Paperless billing | Pre-payment meter Contract length: 1 year

Price Plan Features

  • Whether you call it Prepay Gas or Pay As You Go, our gas prepayment meter means that you pay for your gas as you use it, so you’re in control of your gas bill. It’s a simple and hassle-free way to manage your gas at home. If you’re finding it hard to pay your gas and your account is in arrears you can get a Pay As You Go meter installed. And you won’t have to pay anything extra. There’s also an emergency credit of €5.00 built in if you need it.
  • 12 month contract. New Electric Ireland Pay As You Go Customers that switch supplier within 12 months of their Budget Controller installation will be subject to a Budget Controller removal fee of €50.
  • Terms & Conditions
  • The installation fee for a gas meter is €110.67. This can be added to the meter or you can pay it upfront to Electric Ireland. This cost is only incurred when a PAYG gas meter installation is required. A customer that already has a PAYG gas meter will not incur this cost.
  • Paperless Billing

Gas Charges

Gas charges

Excluding VAT
  • 5.372 cent per kWh
  • €91.03 annual standing charge
  • €0 annual prepayment service charge
Including VAT
  • 6.097 cent per kWh
  • €103.32 annual standing charge
  • €0 annual prepayment service charge

Payment Information


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