Younger people more likely to buy an EV, study finds

A new study published by Allianz Insurance has revealed that age and regional differences play a big part in electric vehicle adoption. For all the details, read below.

Younger people are more likely to consider purchasing an electric vehicle (EV), according to a new study conducted by Allianz Insurance. 

Nearly two-thirds of respondents aged between 18 and 34 would consider an electric vehicle as their next car, compared to just 57% of other respondents.  

There’s also differences in opinions towards EVs based on geographical location, with respondents from outside of Dublin differing significantly to those in the capital.  

For a breakdown of the new findings, read on below…  

Age differences with EV adoption 

There are significant differences between age groups on their opinions on EVs.  

In addition to being more likely to purchase an EV, younger people have different reasons for choosing an EV as their next vehicle.  

Of those under-35 surveyed, 30% said they were swayed by potential cost savings on fuel, with 35% saying that environmental reasons were top of their list for EV adoption.  

However, of those between 35 and 64, the high initial cost of an EV was the biggest drawback to adopting an electric or hybrid vehicle. Environmental or fuel savings were a smaller consideration amongst the elder age group.  

Overall, environmental concerns (26%) and fuel savings (27%) were respondent’s first priorities for EV adoption, with the cost-of-living and climate crises playing a big role in Irish consumers’ choices for the future.  

Regional differences  

There were big differences between the uptake of EVs in the different provinces of Ireland.  

Dublin was an outlier for potential EV adoption, with two-thirds of respondents indicating a willingness to purchase an EV in the future, compared to just 48% in Connaught and Ulster.  

The rest of Leinster drops to just over 50% alongside Munster. The results also show that the reasons for EV adoption differ between regions, with Dublin residents (36%) being more concerned about environmental issues with conventional petrol or diesel cars.  

The higher positivity rate in Dublin is perhaps due to the higher levels of EV infrastructure in the capital, with more charging station services available in urban areas.  

Valerie Hedin, an Allianz spokesperson, spoke of the need for EV infrastructure equality:  

“It’s important that all regions across Ireland are provided with the same resources and support to help drive EV adoption forward”. 

However, there is some consensus across the board of the drawbacks of EVs, namely range anxiety (34%) and purchase costs (39%). As such, it’s more important than ever for consumers to be knowledgeable about the various government supports available for EV purchases and home charging facilities.  

There’s still a long way to go for full-scale EV adoption also, with 74% of those surveyed still driving a petrol or diesel car and just 10% driving either a hybrid or electric vehicle.  

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