When switching electricity and gas providers, there’s plenty of fish in the sea!

When switching electricity and gas providers, there’s plenty of fish in the sea!

Switching electricity provider can sometimes feel a bit like a break-up. You don’t want to hurt your soon-to-be ex, but you know they’re just not right for you anymore. You’re also excited, if a little nervous, about who you might meet next. You’re on the market. You’re in demand. And you have the power of choice at your fingertips.

One self-confessed “relentless switcher” Annie West was recently the object of an age-old wooing battle between two prospective new energy-providers, Bord Gáis and, new arrivals to the domestic market, Energia.

After hearing a lot of Twitter noise about the new, young player on the scene, Energia, Annie needed more convincing. Not one to shy away from a challenge, Energia upped the stakes and sent flowers and chocolates to Annie in attempt to win her affections. We at bonkers.ie and a few thousand others on Twitter got the popcorn out and watched as the battle for Annie’s heart (and direct debit details!) played out over Twitter:

Twitter Woos Annie 1

Energia makes their move:

Twitter Woos Annie 2

Energia follows up:

Twitter Woos Annie 4

Annie is wooed:

Bord Gáis Energy make their feelings known:

Twitter Woos Annie 5

Annie is flattered, but who has won her over?

Twitter Woos Annie 6

Bord Gáis Energy turn to bonkers.ie for an endorsement:

Twitter Woos Annie 7

Decisions decisions!

Twitter Woos Annie 8

Well, we’re happy to be of service. And even happier if we get some chocolate out of it!

Twitter Woos Annie 9

Following the epic duel for Annie’s affections, we caught up with the self-confessed “switchaholic” to find out how it felt to be of such importance to two energy suppliers and, most importantly, to see if flowers and chocolates really are as irresistible as the movies tell us.

So Annie, the question everyone wants to ask - who did you choose, Energia or Bord Gais?

The hilarious thing is that I’m under contact with Electric Ireland until June!

Did Energia’s advances flatter you?

I’m not that easily bought! It was an impressive move by Energia, but I’m never going to stay loyal to any one supplier; I want to keep them on their toes. It was nice to have them fighting over me, but only if it’s going to save me a few bob.

What matters most to you when choosing an energy supplier?

Pure money is the motivator. You’re paying for a service, after all. I don’t want all that other stuff, like free tickets or whatever other perks are tagged on. That’s all PR anyway and people usually don’t use the free stuff they get.

I’m married to a farmer and have learned a thing or two about haggling over the years – it really works. A lot of people are terrified of haggling, but with gas and electricity suppliers, bonkers.ie does the haggling for you. People should really keep an eye on it. The bottom line is all that matters.

What has your switching experience been like?

It’s a very simple process. Some people think you have to go to the bank, but you don’t. I have a big extended family and they’re forever complaining about their bills. I tell them to change and they seem to think it’s hassle, but it’s not - the switchers do it for you. I’ve shown bonkers.ie to some of them and they’ve said, “Oh my God, I didn’t know you could do that!”

Switching doesn’t cost me a minute’s thought – it’s easier than dropping an old boyfriend! When my existing contract is up, I’ll be right back out on the dance floor, giving them all a run for their money.

With households paying over €400 a year more for gas and electricity than they were just a few years ago, we at bonkers.ie encourage all consumers to take a leaf out of Annie’s book and shop around for the best deal available.

With the recent arrival of Energia on the domestic market and the resulting mini price-war, now is a particularly good time to capitalise. You probably won’t get flowers, chocolates or even a lousy t-shirt, but you will get peace of mind knowing that you’re getting the very best arrangement available to you. So don’t settle, be on the lookout for something better and remember, there’s still plenty of fish in the sea!



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