What is the Netatmo smart thermostat?
Robyn Hamilton
Staff Writer

Thinking of dipping your toe into the world of smart home devices? In this article, we give the lowdown on the Netatmo smart home thermostat.

No one likes paying for home energy bills, but unfortunately for the vast majority of us, they’re just a fact of life. That being said, thankfully we do have some control over how high those bills should be, which is why it’s unsurprising that so many of us are keen to explore new ways to promote energy efficiency in the home and why smart thermostats like the Netatmo are becoming increasingly popular.

What is the Netatmo smart thermostat?

Much like the Climote, Hive Active Heating and Nest Learning thermostats we took a look at last week, Netatmo is a smart thermostat which allows you to remotely control your heating from wherever you are.

How does the Netatmo smart thermostat work?

The Netatmo smart thermostat can be easily and quickly connected to your home wifi and works with your existing home heating system (providing that your existing home heating system meets certain criteria).

Once installed you can control the Netatmo thermostat via your smartphone, computer or tablet.

Check out how the system works in the video below:

Key features of the Netatmo smart thermostat:

  • Current Temperature Display – easily check and adjust room temperature  

  • Away Mode -  set your boiler to off while you are away or on holidays

  • Eco Setting-  set a minimum temperature point for your home so that it never gets too hot or too cold

  • Scheduling - set a schedule that fits your day. Make sure the heating is on when you get up in the morning and that the house is cosy before you return home in the evening.

  • Auto Adapt Function – Netatmo predicts when it needs to switch on the boiler based on outside temperature

  • Consumption tracking - usage charts will show you how much energy you’re using to heat your home

How much can I save with Netatmo?

Netatmo claims that it could reduce your home heating usage by up to 37% based on the average consumption in kWh for heating in Europe.

How much is a Netatmo smart thermostat?

The cost of a new thermostat with installation is €249 but you can get both for free if you sign up to selected offers as a new customer with Energia. You can give Energia a call on 1850 300 700 for more info on these offers and the eligibility criteria.  

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