Switch to Panda Power and get €40 off your Panda Waste bill
Mark Whelan
Staff Writer

Ireland’s newest electricity supplier, Panda Power, is making its first big moves in the market since its launch in June. If you’re a Panda Waste customer and choose to switch to Panda Power, you can save €40 on your yearly bin collection bill. And that’s on top of some pretty tidy potential savings on your electricity bill too.

Bin your big bills with Panda

Panda Power launched in June with the lowest standalone electricity unit rate on the market*, along with the guarantee that it will only supply green electricity, produced from renewable energy sources. So, you can potentially save money and help save the planet a little bit with Panda. Great news if you're a thrifty tree-hugger!

If you’re one of Panda Waste’s 150,000 customers and have had an account for six months or more, you’ll get your €40 saving by switching. That amount wil be credited to your first Panda Waste bill after switching, and customers in the Fingal area who switch will get four free bin tags posted to them.

While €40 is nothing to be sneezed at, the really exciting savings may come on your electricity bill. Basically, you can bin your big bills by switching to Panda…and they’ll even come to collect those bins afterwards!

Lowest electricity-only unit rate

Panda Power still boasts one of the lowest standalone electricity unit rates in the country, coming in at 13.63c per kWh. Its standing charge is just over 38c per day and, when you add VAT and the PSO Levy into the mix, the average household will pay a total of €1,051 a year for electricity on Panda's 'Power Plan'. That’s a whole €160 less than an average household on standard legacy rates**.

When you throw in the €40 saving on your bin collection bills, switching to Panda Power could save you a clean €200 a year on your annual household bills.

A Powerful future?

This offer is undoubtedly a creative move by Panda Power, allowing promotion of its waste and electricity brands in one go. While the exact amount you could save by switching depends on your existing plan, potential savings of €200 a year will be exciting to anyone. And the comfort of knowing that your electricity is coming from renewable sources is another very appealing aspect.

Despite the fact that it's only Panda Waste customers who are on electricity-only packages can make the very best savings with this offer, it’s a sign of things to come from Panda Power.

Pandas are an endangered species (sadly), but the newest player on the Irish electricity scene is only showing signs of growth.

*Panda Power is an electricity only supplier (they don't do gas). When Panda Power launched, they were the cheapest supplier for customers looking for electricity only. Since the launch of Panda Power two suppliers have introduced "standalone" electricity tariffs that are cheaper than Panda Power for an average household.
**Standard Legacy Rates - To provide a standardised electricity price comparison across all suppliers, bonkers.ie uses Electric Ireland's Standard Urban tariff to demonstrate potential savings.