SSE Airtricity reveals new discounts and cashback offers
Mark Whelan
Staff Writer

SSE Airtricity's new plans are offering a 23% electricity discount and a 16% gas discount to new dual fuel customers and a 10% electricity discount to existing customers who renew their contracts with the supplier.

On June 1st, SSE Airtricity announced that it was cutting its standard unit rates and standing charges by 5%. The price cuts, which came into effect yesterday, apply to new and existing customers alike and make the supplier’s standard unit rate one of the lowest in the marketplace.

But the good news doesn’t end there. To accompany their price cuts, SSE Airtricity has announced a wide range of new deals and discounts, the biggest of which is an Internet Comparison Site special, and available through

There have even been some attractive cashback offers revealed too.

Let’s take a look.

New dual fuel customers: 23% off electricity, 16% off gas

Customers who switch energy to SSE Airtricity will get a 16% gas discount and a 23% electricity discount, so long as they sign up for direct debit and paperless billing.

These rates take the unit rate for gas down to 4.03 cent per kWh (excluding VAT) for and the unit rate for electricity down to 12.05 cent per kWh (excluding VAT).

Once standing charges, levies and charges are all added in, a household with the average annual consumption will spend about €1,730 on energy in year one. And that’s a saving of €337 against the standard rates that most of us are currently paying.

This is currently the cheapest dual fuel price plan on the market, but remember, it’s only available online through switching websites like Customers can sign up in minutes here.

New electricity customers: 25% electricity discount

SSE Airtricity is offering a 25% discount to customers who only switch electricity to the supplier.

This discount takes takes the expected year one cost of electricity down to about €938 (including taxes and charges) for a household with average consumption.

This is €198 cheaper than standard rates and, once again, is exclusively available online through sites such as Sign up here!

Cashback offers: €150

Big cashback offers are being used more and more by Ireland’s energy companies to attract new customers these days, and SSE Airtricity has just announced the biggest cashback incentive we’ve seen here at

New dual fuel customers who sign up for the supplier’s 10% off electricity and 10% off gas plan will get €150 cashback too.

The 10% discounts mean for an electricity unit rate of 14.09 cent per kWh and of 4.32 cent per kWh for gas, both excluding VAT. With all taxes and charges added, the estimated year one cost for households with average consumption will be about €1,910, which is €169 cheaper than standard rates.

Add the €150 cashback to that and you get a saving of €319. Not quite as much as what can be saved by switching to the online exclusive explained above, but still a significant saving nonetheless.

Cashback offers: €120

Customers who switch to SSE Airtricity’s electricity only plan with a 10% discount can get a €120 cashback by doing so.

The 10% discount will mean an expected year one cost of about €1,079 for new customers, including all taxes and charges. That’s a saving of €57 against standard rates, and with the €120 cashback thrown in, customers could save €177 on their electricity bills by signing up for the offer.

Existing customers

Each of SSE Airtricity’s 400,000 customers will see a 5% discount to their unit rates and standing charges applied on their next bill.

That’ll mean a saving of €57 on electricity and €44 on gas for all existing customers with average consumption. So, a saving of €101 on energy every year.

In addition to this saving, existing customers who renew their contract with the supplier will get a 10% electricity discount, or gas and electricity discount, depending on which contract(s) they are renewing.

These discounts will save electricity only customers €94 and save dual fuel customers €169 during the first year of renewal.

Perfect timing

It was revealed last week that 80,000 electricity customers in Ireland switched electricity suppliers in the first three months of 2016.

With the news that the PSO Levy will be increasing from October 1st, SSE Airtricity’s new discounts comes at a perfect time for customers keen to fund ways of offsetting the hike and lowering their energy bills as we head into autumn and winter.