Sse airtricity tariff july 2015

SSE Airtricity's new deals offer savings, cashback and a free boiler service

By switching to SSE Airtricity, customers can now get 20% off electricity and €20 cashback. Dual fuel customers can also get 20% off electricity, 10% off gas and a free boiler service by signing up before September 30th.

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The folks at SSE Airtricity are an active bunch. They’ve just finished putting together a team of runners to take part the Dublin City Marathon in October, which the company is sponsoring. The wind, rain and hail (!) we’ve been getting this July apparently wasn’t a deterrent for these fitness buffs, who are now up-and-running on their training regimes.

But don't they know that there’s an easier way to keep warm this freezing July? Just in time for our premature descent into autumn, SSE Airtricity has decided to offer some new, bigger discounts on its electricity and dual fuel services to help keep the cold at bay.

Get 20% off electricity…and €20 cashback

The first of SSE Airtricity’s new discount offers is for electricity-only customers.

If you sign up for electricity with SSE Airtricity before September 30th, you’ll get a 20% unit rate discount for the first year. Oh, and you’ll get a crisp €20 in cashback on your first bill too.

With the 20% discount, SSE Airtricity’s unit rate for electricity comes down to 13.45 cent. With standing charges, VAT and the PSO Levy thrown in, the average Irish home will spend €1,045 on electricity for the first 12 months on SSE Airtricity’s new plan.

That amounts to a saving of €166, when compared to standard rates. And don't forget you'll also get that €20 cashback too!

Dual Fuel customers could save €259

Not wanting to leave gas customers out in the cold this July, SSE Airtricity is offering new discounts for dual fuel customers too.

By signing up for dual fuel with SSE Airtricity, you’ll get 20% off your electricity for 12 months, as well as 10% off your gas. And guess what? SSE Airtricity will give you a free boiler service too! And let’s face it, your boiler has probably been working long, unexpected hours this summer and could do with a bit of TLC.

A 10% discount on gas unit rates amounts to a saving of €93 a year for the average household, and you already know that 20% off electricity adds up to a yearly saving of €166.

So, with the 20% electricity discount and 10% off gas, dual fuel customers could save a tasty total of €259 on energy bills by switching to SSE Airtricity. And then there’s that free boiler service…

Free boiler service

If you sign up for SSE Airtricity’s dual fuel deal before August 31st, you’ll be contacted within two weeks to arrange your free boiler service, which must be carried out before October 31st.

This service usually costs €89 and is probably one of those things that keeps getting put on the long finger. It’s a nice bonus and will give you some peace of mind about your boiler’s health before winter kicks in.

How do I sign up?

You can sign up for these SSE Airtricity electricity-only and dual fuel plans on bonkers.ie.

If it’s the electricity-only offer you’re after, just visit our SSE Aitricity 1 Year Electricity page.

And if it's dual fuel you need, visit our SSE Airtricity 1 Year Dual Fuel page to switch.

Remember that you only have until September 30th to avail of these discounts, and only until August 31st to get your free boiler service. Like SSE Airtricity’s Dublin Marathon team, these offers don’t wait around.



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