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SSE Airtricity Introduces New Discount Tariffs
David Kerr


SSE Airtricity has unveiled a range of new discounted tariffs, designed to attract customers for both Electricity and Dual Fuel.

The new tariffs feature a headline-grabbing "Up to 17% Discount" for Electricity and "Up to 12% Discount" for Gas - and are being described by SSE Airtricity as their "Hottest Summer Offers".

These discounts, once applied to the Airtricity Standard Rates, offer customers a very good rate for their energy and can be the best rates out there, depending on your existing supplier and how you choose to manage your account (direct debit payments and online billing providing the headline discount).

With the new Electricity discount of 17%, an average customer consuming 5,300kWh per year of Electricity can expect to pay €1,070.50 per year in total (to include Unit charges, Standing charge, PSO levy and VAT) versus €1,246.15 for customers who are on their Standard unit rates, which is a saving of €175 per year versus SSE Airtricity standard rates.

The move comes at a time when we are entering the summer months and our consumption reduces naturally due to the longer days and less need to fire up the gas guzzling heating boiler, but is nonetheless very welcome as the % discounts are fixed for a full 12 months so include the upcoming winter.

Given the spate of price increases for both natural gas and electiricity in the last number of months, having a new set of discounts will hopefully encourage customers to shop around for the energy needs at least once per year.

Research carried out by in October 2013 shows that 7 in 8 of us are paying Standard rates - the maximum amount it is possible to pay for electricity and gas. Shopping around for cheaper electricity and gas is simple and switching to a new supplier is free with, the only comparison and switching service in Ireland which offers customers the choice to switch to all suppliers quickly and securely on-site.

The new tariffs offered by SSE Airtricity are now available for comparison - and switching - right here.