SSE Airtricity has announced new deals, available only through Here's all you need to know!
Mark Whelan
Staff Writer has a new exclusive offer! SSE Airitricity is offering 25% off electricity to new customers and 23% off electricity and 16% off gas to new dual fuel customers who switch through

After a quiet few weeks, the wheels on the gas and electricity markets are starting to turn again.

Last week, we heard that Electric Ireland will be cutting its prices by 6% from June 1st and now, we’re delighted to announce brand new exclusive electricity and dual fuel discounts, available only through

The discounts come from SSE Airtricity and make its dual fuel and electricity only offers among the cheapest on the market right now.

Let’s look at how much you could save by switching to these SSE Airtricity exclusive deals.

25% off electricity

SSE Airtricity is offering 25% off electricity exclusively to new customers who sign up through

The discount takes the unit rate for electricity down to 12.35 cent (excluding VAT) per kWh.

That means the average Irish household that switches to the supplier through will pay about €970 for a year of electricity, which amounts to a saving of €211 once all additional taxes and charges are factored in.

It's important to note that this discount is only available through and you must sign up for direct debit and ebilling with the supplier.

Sign up to SSE Airtricity's Exclusive Electricity deal here

Exclusive dual fuel discounts

SSE Airtricity is offering a 23% electricity discount and a 16% gas discount to new customers who sign up to the supplier’s dual fuel exclusive through

This takes the unit rate for electricity down to 12.68 cent (excluding VAT) per kWh, which adds up to a cost of about €990 for a year of electricity for the average Irish household, once taxes, PSO Levy and standing charges are added in.

And that’s €191 cheaper than standard electricity prices, which 85% of the country are still on.

The potential saving to be had on gas is significant too.

SSE Airtricity is offering a 16% gas discount as part of its dual fuel offer, taking the unit rate for gas down to 4.24 cent (excluding VAT) per kWh. At this rate, the average Irish household will pay about €824 for a year of gas, including all taxes and charges.

And that’s a whole €120 or so cheaper than standard rates at the moment.

Adding the gas and electricity savings amounts together gives you a year-one saving of around €311 on your energy bills, which makes this exclusive one of the best dual fuel deals available right now.

To get this price, you have to pay by direct debit, use ebilling and sign up through before the exclusive offer expires.

Sign up to SSE Airtricity's Exclusive Dual Fuel deal here

Why are prices falling?

One of the reasons for these attractive sign up offers is that wholesale gas prices are down 45% and wholesale electricity prices are down 35% compared to this time last year.

That means that Ireland’s energy suppliers are spending less to purchase their gas and electricity and some of these savings are now being passed on to customers, mostly in the form of sign-up discounts.

The best way to take advantage of these savings is to take action and switch now.

SSE Airtricity’s dual fuel and electricity discounts are some of the biggest discounts we’ve ever seen and they are available for a limited time through, and through only.