Just Energy launches two-year fixed price deal for Black Friday
Mark Whelan
Staff Writer

Just Energy is giving energy customers the chance to fix their gas and electricity prices for two years this Black Friday weekend, with an offer that is exclusively available on bonkers.ie

Fancy fixing your gas and electricity price for two years?

Well, now you can, thanks to Just Energy’s Black Friday offer, which is exclusively available through bonkers.ie.

But you’ll have to move quickly, the offer expires at midnight on Tuesday!

Two years of price certainty

New dual fuel customers who sign up to Just Energy’s Black Friday deal on bonkers.ie can fix their gas and electricity prices for two years and save an average of €442 in the process.

The fixed unit rates on offer this weekend are 14.57 cent per kWh for electricity and 4.49 cent per kWh for gas (both rates exclude VAT).

If you sign up for this deal, you'll end up paying about €900 for electricity and €630 for gas over the course of one year, if you use an average amount of energy.

That’s an annual energy spend of €1,530, which is €221 cheaper than standard rates.

As you head into year two with Just Energy, you won’t have to worry about your bills changing. Your unit rate and standing charge will stay exactly the same.

So, assuming your consumption remains the same too, and that there are no changes to the PSO Levy, Carbon Tax or the VAT rate, your energy spend in the second year will also be €1,530.

Over the course of the two years, you’ll stand to save an estimated €442 against current standard rates.

It’s important to note that this price is only available for customers who sign up for direct debit and ebilling. If you opt to pay by cash or cheque and request paper billing, you can still fix your price for two years, but you won’t get quite as good a deal.

Just Energy’s electricity deal

Just Energy is also offering a two-year fixed price electricity-only deal to new customers.

If you sign up to this deal, a year of electricity will cost you about €910 with all taxes and charges included, assuming average consumption. And that’s about €62 cheaper than standard rates.

Over the course of two years, you’ll end up paying about €1,820 for electricity if your consumption remains the same and there are no changes to VAT or the PSO levy. And that's about €124 cheaper than standard rates, over two years.

Why is a fixed energy rate appealing?

Ireland’s 10 energy suppliers regularly offer big discounts and sign-up incentives to attract new customers. However, these discounts usually expire after one year, at which time you’re bumped onto expensive standard rates. That’s why it’s important to switch every year.

But, Just Energy’s Black Friday deal bucks the trend and gives you the chance to stay on a discounted rate for a full two years.

Another second reason why a fixed-price energy plan might be appealing is that it protects you from price increases.

So, even if Just Energy increases its prices for existing customers over the next two years, you won’t be affected if you're on the two-year fixed rate.

Who are Just Energy?

Just Energy entered the Irish market in September and have already had an impact.

The supplier has brought fresh innovation to the market in the form of its ‘unlimited’ and fixed-price plans and is attempting to shake things up further with this unique Black Friday offer.

We had a chat with Just Energy’s Country Manager, Mike Cody, a while ago. You can check it out below!

Price certainty

It’s been a busy few months in the Irish energy market, and there hasn’t been much in the way of good news. Seven out of Ireland’s 10 energy suppliers have announced price hikes and the PSO Levy has gone up by €25 a year.

With this type of price volatility, the option to fix your energy price for two years might sound very appealing.

You can sign up to Just Energy’s Black Friday deal on bonkers.ie (and nowhere else!) right now.