Just Energy launches gas and dual fuel deals
Mark Whelan
Staff Writer

Ireland's newest energy supplier, Just Energy, has just launched gas and dual fuel deals into the Irish market, adding more competition and choice for consumers.

Earlier this month, Just Energy entered the Irish market with a range of electricity offers, including fixed and unlimited price plans.

The supplier has now added a wide range of dual fuel and gas-only price plans to its offerings. So, how do they compare?

Switch to Just Energy and save €264

If you switch to Just Energy’s leading dual fuel deal, you’ll save about €264 on your gas and electricity bills, assuming you use the national average amount of gas and electricity and are currently on standard rates.

With this deal, known as ‘Dual Fuel Rate Saver Fixed 12M’, you’ll be charged 13.62 cent (ex VAT) per unit of electricity and 4.23 cent (ex VAT) per unit of gas.

With all taxes and charges added in, this will amount to a bill of €1,462 over the course of a year.

Significantly, rates are fixed with this deal, meaning that the price you pay for a unit of electricity won’t change for at least a year. This will be particularly appealing if you like an element of certainty over your bills.

Market-leading gas offer

Just Energy’s gas-only deal is the cheapest offer of its kind available in the Irish market at the moment.

The supplier’s leading gas deal comes with a fixed unit rate of 4.23 cent (ex VAT), which will add up to a year-one bill of about €608 for anyone with average consumption.

In other words, you’ll save around €147 on your gas bills over the course of a year by switching from standard rates to Just Energy today, assuming you use an average amount of

gas. If you use more than average, you could save more still.

Unlimited gas and electricity? Really?

With Just Energy’s unlimited deals, you are placed in a certain consumption band, based on how much gas and electricity you’ve used in the past year.

You’ll then be charged a flat monthly rate, no matter how much fuel you use, so long as you stay within your band.

If use the national average amount of energy, your flat rate for electricity will come in at €2.10 a day (ex VAT and PSO levy) and the flat rate for gas is €1.54 (these figures are correct for the dual-fuel unlimited plan). 

If you consistently go above or beyond your designated band, Just Energy will contact you to talk about moving you to a new band.

By switching to the supplier’s unlimited dual fuel deal, you’ll save about €110 over the course of a year if you use the national average amount of energy and are currently on standard rates.

It’s a decent saving, but the major appeal of the deal is the flexibility and peace of mind you by being able to use a bit more gas or electricity than usual without worrying about a much bigger bill.

Ample choice for consumers

Just Energy's arrival takes the number of energy suppliers in the domestic Irish market to 10, meaning that there has never been more choice when it comes to selecting an energy supplier.

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