Glowpower lights up with market-leading rates for new customers
Rob Flynn
Staff Writer

The latest supplier to the Irish energy market is offering a host of competitive tariffs to new customers, representing big savings for those looking to save money.

The Irish energy market is currently undergoing monumental change and it’s quite possible to imagine a range of different energy futures on the horizon, with a greater push toward decarbonisation of home heating on the cards.

Glowpower, the 12th and latest supplier to have entered the Irish market is one of those companies placing an emphasis on smart energy, and as it begins to heat up competition on the electrical grid, we take a look and see what exactly the new entrant has to offer new customers right now.

Who is Glowpower?

Glowpower is an energy supplier providing services to the residential energy market in Ireland. 

Founded and led by industry experts Orson Gilmore and Brett Harman, the pair have combined industry experience of over 30 years.

Glowpower entered the Irish electricity market in late 2019 and has gone from strength to strength since.

Evergreen Glow Reward Plus

Glowpower is currently offering a number of different electricity tariffs for new residential customers, one of the most eye-catching being the ‘Evergreen Glow Reward Plus'.

This deal offers a 28% discount off Glowpower's standard electricity unit rates, and all on a 24-month contract. This equates to a super low unit rate of just 14.87 cent per kWh including VAT, making this plan ideal for those in larger homes who use an above average amount of electricity.

As well as the big discount on electricity, new customers will also receive an additional Glowpower reward of €30 cashback. The cashback value will be automatically applied to your bill on the 11th month of the contract.

This deal is exclusive to and you can sign up here today.

Everyday Saver 28%

Another enticing deal on offer from Glowpower is its ‘Everyday Saver 28%' for new energy customers. This deal includes a discount of, you guessed it, 28%.

The Everyday Saver comes with the same super low unit rate of 14.87 cent per kWh but this time on a 12-month contract.

Glowpower uses paperless billing, and a direct debit is required for payment on all tariffs, but this is pretty much standard across all suppliers these days. An early exit fee of €50 also applies if customers decide to leave before the end of their contract.

This electricity tariff is exclusive to - you can read more here.

Evergreen Saver 25%

Last but not least, the new supplier is also offering its ‘Evergreen Saver 25%'.

This deal also consists of a 24-month contract and includes a never ending 20% discount off the standard rate, with an extra 5% discount added on in year one, making sure you continue to see savings year after year. 

You can read more on this tariff here.

Market insight

One thing you might have noticed from Glowpower's Evergreen Saver plan is the choice to offer a 24-month contract. The duration of the contract is in itself unusual for the Irish marketplace.

That being said, the choice from the new supplier to offer a continued discount into the second year of the contract is a conscious move from the new energy supplier to help lessen 'bill shock' for new customers.

Despite the increasingly competitive sector, figures from Eurostat back in November showed that Ireland continued to have above average prices for gas and electricity, so the increased competition and new tariffs from Glowpower should only lead to a downward pressure on prices for consumers.

Glowpower is only offering electricity to residential customers for now but is expected to offer gas sometime later this year, so keep your eyes peeled for new tariffs and offers.

Smart Tech

Glowpower enters the market at an interesting time when there is much uncertainty in relation to key issues such as emissions targets and climate action, to name a few. 

With the change in consumer behaviour slow when it comes to sustainable energy solutions, industry is accountable and responsible to lead that change - and Glowpower is emphasising just that.

Interestingly, Glowpower places a particular emphasis on smart technology which is crucial in maintaining cost-effective delivery and more importantly, helping consumers manage their own energy needs, saving money in the long run.

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