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Flogas signs agreement to acquire Just Energy’s business in Ireland

The deal will see around 10,000 customers move supplier.

As the energy market in Ireland becomes increasingly competitive Irish-owned company Flogas Natural Gas Limited (Flogas) has announced an agreement to acquire the business of Just Energy here in Ireland.

The announcement follows the decision by Just Energy back in May to exit the Irish market following a re-evaluation of its operations here.

Flogas has assured customers of Just Energy that there'll be no impact to their energy supply during the transfer period. 

But who is Flogas and what can previous customers of Just Energy expect from the news?

Who is Flogas?

Flogas is an Irish-owned company with a pedigree in the retail energy market since 1978. It supplies natural gas and electricity to over 35,000 residential and commercial customers in Ireland.

Employing over 200 people all over the country, Flogas Ireland Limited established Flogas Natural Gas Limited in 2004 following the deregulation of the residential natural gas market here.

It has been offering natural gas to the residential and commercial sectors since 2009 and electricity to the commercial sector since 2016.

What’s next?

There are approximately 10,000 Just Energy residential and commercial customers in Ireland. Thankfully Flogas has advised that customer supply won't be affected during the transfer period and that no action is required by customers as all contracts will transfer over automatically by the end of December 2019.

If you're a customer of Just Energy then Flogas should be in touch shortly. However if you haven't received word regarding your account, don't fret as you can simply contact a member of the helpful Flogas customer care team on 041 983 1041.

What about tariff changes?

Flogas has stated that ‘some individual tariff details may change’ but is assuring customers that their ‘annual estimated bill should not change’.

Despite reassurances of no changes to estimated bills, it's important to note that most Just Energy customers will be out of contract and free to sign up to a different supplier if they wish to do so.

Our own Head of Communications, Daragh Cassidy had this to say:

“The announcement today by Flogas brings to an end the uncertainty as to what would happen to Just Energy’s customers after it announced back in May that it was exiting the Irish market."

"However customers should still carefully study the new tariffs they’re being put onto and then compare the market to ensure there aren’t cheaper options available.”

If you're still in contract with Just Energy and don't want to move to Flogas you will be charged an early exit fee if you move before your contract is up unfortunately. 

But for customers who are out of contract, why not save money today and find the cheapest deal on the market with our quick and easy energy price comparison service?

Climate action

As we all know getting the best deal takes a bit of research, and sometimes stamina, but one thing customers should be increasingly conscious of is how engaged their supplier is in tackling the energy needs of the future.

For those customers who want reassurance that Flogas is dedicated to decarbonisation, it has also announced 'a purchase of carbon offsets equivalent to the carbon generated from the supply of electricity' to Just Energy customers.

In layman's terms, this means the electricity supplied by Flogas will be carbon neutral - hurrah!

Any thoughts?

Are you a former Just Energy customer? What do you think of the news? Get in touch and let us know! 

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