Flogas Natural Gas to cut prices for all gas customers
Simon Moynihan
Staff Writer

Flogas Natural Gas has announced today that it will reduce gas prices by 3 per cent from 1st December. The price cut, which will be passed on to all Flogas customers, should see annual gas bills reduce by €23.75 per year.

It’s nice to receive a little good news as the evenings shorten and we start wrapping up against the cold. And so Flogas has brought a little early cheer to their customers by announcing that gas bills will be a little cheaper than they were last winter.

The gas supplier has said that it will reduce gas unit rates by 3% for all its customers from 1st December.

Flogas is the fourth gas provider to announce a winter price reduction, with similar cuts from Electric Ireland, Bord Gáis Energy and SSE Airtricity already in effect.

Flogas price cut details

Flogas customers currently pay 5.054 cent ex-VAT for a standard unit of gas. That will come down by 3% to 4.902 cent which will save customers around €2.00 per month or €23.75 per year.

Currently, an average gas customer pays €939 per year to Flogas on their standard deal. That will come down to €915 once the price cut takes effect.

Customers that receive discounts from Flogas will also see a price reduction – and that’s because their discounts come off the Flogas standard rate.

Cheapest energy deals

bonkers.ie Managing Director David Kerr welcomed today’s announcement saying that: “As the colder weather approaches, the Flogas gas price reduction is sure to be welcomed by their customers, and it’s good to see suppliers cutting prices at this time of year instead of waiting until the end of winter.”

Mr Kerr continued: “We use the bulk of our gas during the five months after the clock turns back, so it’s important for customers to make sure that they are on the cheapest deals and not overpaying. We are currently seeing some of the biggest gas and electricity discounts ever offered by suppliers, and I would encourage customers to take advantage of those too. The best gas and electricity deals out there right now can save an average household another €359 over the next 12 months.”

Second price cut

Today’s announcement represents the second Flogas price cut of 2016. The supplier also cut prices in February by 2.5% which saved their customers €21.

Flogas Managing Director Mark Gannon said that the company was committed to delivering energy cost savings to their customers and that they were “delighted to be in a position at this time to deliver further savings to all our residential customers before the winter bills arrive."