Five Reasons Why Now is a Great Time to Switch Energy Suppliers
Mark Whelan
Staff Writer

An astonishing 85% of Irish households haven’t switched energy suppliers in the last year. That means they’re almost certainly on standard rates. And what does that mean? It means they’re paying more than they have to!

January 2016 was a very busy month in the Irish energy market, making it one of the best times since deregulation to switch.

Here are the 5 main reasons why you should stop overpaying now and get switching!

1. Wholesale Gas Prices are Falling

Thanks to a strong storage outlook, favourable conditions and an unexpectedly warm winter in Ireland, wholesale gas prices have plummeted to a 6-year low.

This means that energy companies have some extra wiggle room with their margins and are in a position to pass some extra savings to new switching customers…like you!

2. Massive Discounts Galore

Since the start of the year, we’ve seen three energy suppliers cut their unit rates. Electricity Ireland, SSE Airtricity and Flogas all reduce prices by between 2% and 2.5%, which adds up to about a €20 saving over the course of year.

These cuts are nothing to be sniffed at, but the biggest savings by far are reserved for customers who switch suppliers.

Energia, SSE Airtricity and Bord Gáis Energy have all recently announced eye-catchingly large discounts to customers who switch.

You can take a look at all the finer details of the offers on our Compare Gas & Electricity Prices page, but suffice it to say that you could save up to €376 by switching now. And that’s just about the biggest saving we’ve ever seen on

3. ‘Tis the Season to be...Budgeting!

Many households use January to get their household budgets in order for the coming year. But that can be a very difficult thing to do when you don’t know exactly what you’re paying for some basics, like gas and electricity.

By switching now, you’ll have a good idea of what you’re going to be paying for 2016, and you’ll have the comfort of knowing that it’s the cheapest option out there.

Getting on a Level Pay payment plan is also a smart move – with this, you’ll be charged the same amount for gas and electricity every month. And that means no more shock bills!

4. Competition is Fierce

There are more energy suppliers in Ireland than ever before. Eight to be exact (QUIZ: can you name them all?).

And competition is almost always good for consumers. It means more choice, more accountability from companies and, of course, the odd price war from time to time!

5. Switching Has Never Been Easier!

Late last year, we launched the fourth iteration of, making it even easier for people to switch suppliers with us.

We have streamlined the process, increased the speed of the site and improved the experience for mobile users even more.

Switching really has never been easier. And no, you won’t be cut off! All you have to do is fill out a short online form.

It’ll be the easiest money you make all year!