Energy price cuts for most households effective today
Simon Moynihan
Staff Writer

Your energy supplier may have just reduced prices, so from today you could be paying less for your electricity and gas. And no, this isn’t some kind of April fool – it’s true!

From today, all SSE Airtricity, Flogas and PrePayPower customers will start paying less for their electricity and their gas. Electric Ireland, who cut electricity prices back in November, will start charging gas customers less from today as well.

Bord Gáis Energy customers received electricity and gas price cuts two weeks ago too.

It’s pretty good news we think. All these price cuts mean most households in Ireland will have a few bob extra to do something a little more interesting than paying energy bills.

So what’s are today’s price cuts actually worth to you?

Energy Price Cuts

Supplier Electricity Savings Gas Savings
Bord Gáis Energy 2.5% €25 3.5% €29
Electric Ireland  n/a  n/a 2.5% €21
Flogas  n/a  n/a 3.0% €25
PrePayPower 7.0% €70  n/a  n/a
SSE Airtricity 2.0% €23 4.0% €35

Now you might have noticed that Energia and Pinergy do not feature in this chart, and no, I haven’t made a mistake of omission. Pinergy actually cut electricity prices along with Electric Ireland back in November. And Energia didn’t introduce a price cut today - which brings me to something that may be of even more benefit to customers.

New Deals

Energia actually introduced a set of new discount deals which are cheaper than the ones they replace. From today, new customers can now get up to 19% off Energia electricity unit rates and up to 17% off gas unit rates. So even though they didn’t cut starndard prices, they are definitely getting with the spirit of “price cut day”.


Energia is not alone with the new deals today either. Electric Ireland is now offering €30 cashback for new dual fuel and new electricity signups, and SSE Airtricity is offering €35 cashback to new dual fuel and electricity customers too.

Will your prices go down if you are already on a discount tariff, or still in a contract with your supplier?

Yes. Most customers will see prices come down regardless of whether they are on a discounted rate, in contract or on a fixed rate with their current supplier. That's because standard unit rates are changing - and all other tariffs are linked to standard rates. So if a standard rate falls, then your discount comes off a lower price. Good eh?

In fact, around 85% of customers are currently paying standard rates so they're all going to benefit from today's price cuts... But if those "standard" customers really want to save on their energy bills, they should sign up to good discount deal too.