Energia switches on four new windfarms in time for Christmas
Mark Whelan
Staff Writer

Energia has switched on four new windfarms in Northern Ireland, adding 58 megawatts (MWs) of green energy capacity to its network.

Windfarms in Long Mountain (27 MWs) and Glenbuck (9 MWs) in Antrim, and Gortfinbar (15 MWs) and Eshmore (7 MWs) in Tyrone are now providing power to households throughout the island of Ireland.

Energia’s 95 MW windfarm in Meenadree in Donegal was switched on in September, meaning that the supplier has added a total of 153 MWs of green energy capacity in the last four months – enough to power 100,000 homes.

As a result of these additions, Ireland’s carbon dioxide will be reduced by 145,000 tonnes a year.

Energia now supplies over 800 MWs of wind energy and plans on adding another 200 MW by the middle of next year.

Ireland’s wind generation capacity

In November, wind energy accounted for 22.5% of Ireland’s overall electricity generation, peaking at a figure of 45% on November 11th.

As a result of Energia’s four new windfarms, the total wind energy capacity for the island of Ireland now stands at 3,232 MWs.

Energia’s 33% electricity discount

Energia’s commitment to “developing renewable and sustainable energy sources in Ireland” makes it an attractive option for the most environmentally-conscious households in Ireland.

The supplier is very competitive on price too and is currently offering a 33% electricity discount to new customers.

At this rate, a household with average consumption will pay about €910 for a year of electricity, which is a saving of €226 against standard rates.

Switching season

The number of people switching electricity suppliers tends to jump in January every year, as big bills start to arrive.

For example, the number of people switching suppliers jumped by 22% between December 2014 and January 2015.

However, some customers can benefit by switching now - before those big bills arrive - rather than waiting until the New Year.

Whether it's Energia's commitment to providing renewable energy sources or to offering big discounts to new customers, the supplier is an attractive option for households heading into 2017.