Energia Offers 22% Off Electricity to bonkers.ie Users
Mark Whelan
Staff Writer

Energia is offering a 22% electricity discount exclusively to new customers who sign up through online comparison sites, such as bonkers.ie. We take a close look at the deal and show you how you could save up to €198.

Time flies when you’re having fun…and making savings!

It’s nearly two whole years since Energia entered the domestic gas and electricity market in Ireland, amidst talk of energy price wars and discounted tariffs.

The Dublin-based supplier has certainly provided some welcome competition and fun ad campaigns since it launched in 2014. And it has just re-claimed its position at the top of the ‘cheapest electricity in Ireland’ charts, thanks to a new exclusive online offer.

22% Off Electricity

Energia is offering a 22% electricity discount exclusively to customers who sign up online through comparison sites, such as bonkers.ie. So, it’s not even available directly from Energia.

The discount takes Energia’s unit rate down to 14.74 cent including VAT. With the Standing Charge, PSO Levy and taxes factored in, that amounts to an electricity bill of about €1,008 per year for new customers. And yes, that’s the lowest electricity price in Ireland right now.

Customers who are on Standard Rates could save over €198* by signing up for the deal today. And since there’s an eye-watering 86% of electricity customers still on those high Rates, there are lots and lots of people who could make significant savings by switching.

How Do I Get It?

While this discount is only available on t’internet, you don’t have to be a snapchatting-instgramming-tweeting-round-the-clock technophile to get it. You just have to visit our Compare Electricity Prices page and follow the very simple instructions.

You also have to opt for paperless billing (Mother Nature will thank you) and direct debit payment.

Although not compulsory, you can also choose to pay your bills as part of Energia’s FixPay plan. This allows you to pay the same amount for electricity every month and avoid shock bills, which are a common occurrence in winter.

Dual fuel Customers

This exclusive online deal isn’t available to dual fuel customers, but Energia is still the cheapest supplier in this category too.

With the Energia’s ‘SaveMe338 Dual Fuel’ deal, you’ll pay about €1,850 for your gas and electricity over the course of a year, which is a lot cheaper than paying those Standard rates.

This dual fuel deal is also available on bonkers.ie of course. Just visit our Compare Natural Gas & Electricity Prices page to switch now.

Happy savings!

*Savings figures quoted here are based on national average consumption of 5,300 kWh electricity per year