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Energia claims it can save customers an extra 15% on heating bills with its new gas boiler

Energia claims it can save customers an extra 15% on heating bills with its new gas boiler
Robyn Hamilton

Robyn Hamilton

Staff Writer

Energia has launched a new gas boiler which it claims can cut homeowners’ heating bills by an extra 15% due to its superior efficiency.

Energia claims that the new boiler is the most efficient boiler currently available in Ireland, and was designed specifically for the Irish market.

Higher efficiency equals lower bills

Higher efficiency means less heat is wasted, so it can reduce your gas bill by 15% while making sure your home is kept warm all winter long. The boilers integrate perfectly with the latest smart home technology too, linking with smart heating controls, underfloor heating systems and renewable energy systems such as solar.

Install with Energia’s Cosy Homes scheme

Interested in a new boiler? The new boilers are available to homes across Ireland and Energia has developed a network of expert installers who can fit the new boilers no matter where you live.

You might also be interested to know that funding is available through Energia’s Cosy Homes Scheme at The scheme provides a one-stop-shop for home energy efficiency upgrades, from the initial audit to managing grant applications and carrying out all the works in partnership with House2Home. These services are available to both new and existing Energia customers.

Energia has already supported over 10,000 efficiency upgrades in homes across Ireland.  These projects have resulted in annual saving of over €1.2 million on energy bills in these homes.

Dual fuel and electricity only market leaders

Currently market leaders for both dual fuel and electricity only offers, Energia claims that by switching to its service in conjunction with the installation of one of its new gas boilers, the total savings over the lifetime of the boiler could more than cover the cost of buying it.

Geoff Codd, Head of Marketing at Energia said: “Thousands of clever Irish householders are already saving up to 29% on their home energy costs with our Dual Fuel bundle. They can save again, up to an additional 15%, with this fantastic new Energia boiler. “

“As well as being highly energy efficient, the boiler is also a fantastic way to provide hot water whenever you need it. It also links perfectly with smart heating controls, underfloor heating systems and renewable energy systems.”  

“Our new Energia Cosy Homes Scheme provides grants for new and existing Energia customers and will help get them ready for winter. The Cosy Homes Scheme provides a really handy one-stop-shop for customers.”

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