Energia announces new market-leading electricity and dual fuel discounts
Mark Whelan
Staff Writer

Energia has announced a range of new discounts, available only through price comparison websites, such as bonkers.ie. Customers who switch electricity to the supplier can save up to €206 and those who switch both fuel can save up to €324.

Energia has made a bold move in the autumn energy price war of 2016, announcing brand new market-leading electricity and dual fuel discounts, available exclusively through price comparison websites, such as bonkers.ie.

On October 1st, price cuts from Electric Ireland, Bord Gáis Energy and PrePayPower.ie will take effect, as will the increase in the PSO Levy. But Energia has nipped in ahead of its competitors and made its new discounts available with immediate effect.

Let’s take a look at how much you could save.

New electricity customers

Energia’s brand new ‘Clever Electricity’ price plan comes with a 31% discount off the supplier’s standard rate, taking the price for a unit of electricity down to 11.49 cent, excluding VAT.

With all taxes and charges added in, it means that a household with average annual consumption will spend about €917 on electricity in year one.

And significantly, this is €206 cheaper than the standard rates which many Irish households are still paying.

Another way of looking at is, if you haven’t switched electricity in the last 12 months, you are almost certainly overpaying and missing out on significant savings.

You can sign up to Energia’s Clever Electricity price plan here.

New dual fuel customers

Customers who sign up to Energia’s new ‘Clever Dual Fuel’ price plan through bonkers.ie will get a 25% electricity discount and a 24% gas discount, making the offer the cheapest dual fuel deal on the market right now.

The discounts will take the supplier’s unit rate for electricity down to 12.49 cent excluding VAT and the unit rate for gas down to 3.929 cent excluding VAT.

With all taxes and charges added in, a household with average gas and electricity consumption will pay a total of about €1,743 in year one.

And that’s a saving of more than €324 against standard rates.

Energia’s ‘Clever Dual Fuel’ is available right here, right now on bonkers.ie.

New gas customers

Energia has also announced a change to its gas only prices, now offering a gas only discount of 15% and a unit price of 4.395 cent, excluding VAT.

At this rate, a household with average consumption will spend about €838 on gas in year one, including all taxes and charges. And that’s about €105 cheaper than standard rates.

Price war

Many of Ireland’s energy customers have benefitted from the ongoing price war in the industry, with price cuts from three major suppliers set to come into effect on October 1st.

However, Energia’s new market-leading electricity discount is the largest we have ever seen at bonkers.ie, offering savings of up to €206 to new customers. And the new dual fuel deal will save customers €324.

And remember, these discounts aren’t available directly from the supplier, but you can sign up to 'Clever Electricity' or 'Clever Dual Fuel' on bonkers.ie.

Geoff Codd, Energia's head of marketing said that the company has consistently provided the best value, and reflecting the new marketing campaign to launch on 2nd October he said "Choosing Energia continues to be the clever choice for Irish consumers."

Energia has signed up more than 100,000 customers since launching in Ireland in 2014.