Electric Ireland launches new SuperSaver deals exclusive to bonkers.ie
Conor Dever
Staff Writer

Ireland biggest energy supplier is heating things up with the launch of its new SuperSaver tariffs for gas and dual fuel customers.

It’s the middle of summer (supposedly) so the last thing you might want to do, on your all too elusive days off, is to think about energy bills. But September is just six weeks away and then before you know it we're back in the peak winter months, when energy demand, and bills, normally soar.   

So if you're on the look out for ways to reduce you energy costs then you might want to take note because Electric Ireland has shaken things up with the launch of two new SuperSaver tariffs. 

You might remember a while back Electric Ireland launched a popular SuperSaver tariff for electricity customers. Well now gas and dual-fuel customers get their chance to secure the deal too.

What are the charges?

The unit rate is just 5.378 for gas and 16.55 cent for electricity and depending on the supplier and plan that you're currently on, could see you save over €500 a year on your annual energy bills.  

SuperSaver Tariff Unit Rate Standing Charge (Urban) Standing Charge (Rural)
Gas Only 5.378 cent per kWh inc. VAT




16.55 cent per kWh (Electricity)

5.378 cent per kWh (Gas) 

Both prices inc. VAT



Who are the deals available to?

The SuperSaver tariffs are mainly available to new Electric Ireland customers only. However if you're an existing Electric Ireland single fuel customer, who is out of contract, you can sign up to the dual-fuel SuperSaver tariff also.  

Anything else I need to know?

To get these tariffs you must sign up through bonkers.ie, agree to paperless billing and sign up for Direct Debit.

There’s a one-year contract (as is pretty much standard) after which dual fuel customers will roll over onto Electric Ireland’s 8.5% discounted rate, unless you decide to switch again of course.

Gas customers will roll over onto a 5.5% discounted rate.

Is this tariff right for me?

These tariffs are super competitive however if you're thinking of switching, be sure to compare all deals across all suppliers before you make any decisions to ensure you’re getting the best deal for your own personal circumstances and consumption habits.

Finally, some of the larger energy companies also have great rewards schemes.

For example, Bord Gáis lets you convert Tesco Clubcard points into money off your bills, with €5 or €10 worth of points getting you €10 or €20 off your bill i.e. double! You also earn Clubcard points every time you pay your bill.

Electric Ireland lets you convert SuperValu Real Rewards points into money off your bill in a similar way, while Panda Power will give you a discount on your waste collection.  

So if you feel you get good value from the scheme you currently enjoy, be sure to consider this too before you switch.